Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Facebook Life

  Backham Badhon       Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Facebook is the most poupler social networking site of all times.

The popularity of facebook has increased drastically.

Within 6 years facebook has become very reached it billion users milestone.

Nowdays facebook has become very important part of our life.

Facebook now a days contributes much to maintain social and friendly relationship between people living far and near.

Any person wishing to be a facebook member  needs first to have an internet connection and then to sing up with personal details and secret passwords to ensure privacy and security.

Any person can search their friends as well as near and dear ones on-line and can send invitation.

If the inventaion of each other stored in their facebook.

Facebook allows us to make numberous albums and upload photos and documents and make friendship with a lot of people.

Any facebook member can write comments on their status, on other member`s status and photos etc.

Facebook provides on-line chatting as near and dear ones who are already faber members.

It can be used to raise awareness and share news among the members.
However, facebook has some disadvantages as well.

Crooked people may upload obscene and objectionable photos and comments.

Pimps and touts also use facebook so as to hunt cliets.

Besides the these negactive aspects, facebook is a great boon of IT.

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