Thursday, November 30, 2017

Traffic Jam

  Backham Badhon       Thursday, November 30, 2017

Bangladesh is a developing country of the world.

The country is beset with different kind of problem.

Over population, unemployment, political unrest, load-shedding all these are common incident of this country.

In this situation, traffic jam is another problem which has added a new dimension to this problem.

Traffic jam is the clogging up of too many vehicles in one place.

The place may be a street or a highway.

It is not uncommon in our country,  particularly in the Dhaka city.

It happends when different vehicles want to move ahead of each other.

The street conditions and violating the traffic rules are other reasons of traffic jam.

The roads are insufficient and cannot accommodate the large number of vehicles and cannot faclilitate their movements.

Besides, the roads and streets are too narrow and zigxag.

Moreover, both the traffic police and the drives are callous about traffic jam.

Rickshaw-pullers and taxi-drivers also suffer a lot because they lose their times moving very slowly towards their destination.

The transportain of the daily commdities get delayed.

Traffic jam can be removed if some measure can be taken sternly.

Widening the streets.

Making flyovers at the main crossing, reducing the number of rickshaws and above all growing puplic awareness are necessary for removing traffic jam.

We fell much helpless and frustrated when we get stuck in the sea of traffic jam.

Many people fail to attend their office duty in time.

The worst victims are the patients carried in the ambulances to the hospitals and


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