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How to know the results of primary and JSC-ZDC

  Backham Badhon       Saturday, December 30, 2017
The results of this year's primary education closing (PEC) and Ebtedayi education closing and Junior School Certificate (JSC) and Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) exams are going to be published shortly after. Over 55 lakh students participated in these four exams this year.

Today, on Saturday morning, Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid and Primary and Mass Education Minister Mostafizur Rahman will take the copy of results in the hands of senior officials of the education administration with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Later, the Primary and Mass Education Minister at 1pm at his office at the Secretariat and Education Minister at 2pm at the press conference will explain the details.

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The results of primary education closing and ebtedayi education can be found at and

Apart from this, you can find the results by writing the DPE from any mobile phone and typing the student ID and entering the year.

For the results of Ebateidae education, EBT space student ID number and space by sending SMS to 16222 number will result in results.

Results of the JSC-JDC examination can be found on besides the education boards website.

In the mobile phone message option, write JSC / JDC and type the space by entering the space and entering the roll number by entering the space 2017 and SMS will be available.

On November 1, the JSC and JDC examinations began simultaneously across the country on November 18 and ended on 18 November. Among them, the total number of examinees in JSC is 20, 90, 277, and three lakh 78 thousand 543 candidates in the ZDC examinations. The total number of candidates in the two examinations was about 24 lakh 69 thousand.

On the other hand, the examinations of primary and I-Tatei education were held from November 19 to 26. At the completion of primary education, 28 lakh four thousand 509 people and two lakh 91 thousand 566 students in I-TTEED were examined. About 31 lakh examinees took part in both.

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