Saturday, December 2, 2017

How To my studies

  Backham Badhon       Saturday, December 2, 2017
Study means the activities of learning or the process of gaining knowledge about a particular thing.

Study can be done in two ways – formal and informal.

Formal study is done in institutions like school, college or university whereas informal study can be done anywhere outsite of these institutions.

Study is at the root of all knowlegde gained by human beings.

Through studies man has been glorified within success in various fields and thus he has gained power and dominance over nature or all other thing and animals.

Study has brought about this human civilization .

Study may be of varied nature.

It range from a student`s study to a scientist or a philosopher`s study.

Everyone in the process of study has to exert his intellectual power and observe things minutely or in a very concentrated way.

Study on the part of human beings has resulted in knowladge and achievement in science, Social science, philosophy, geography etc and thus has strengthened human beings.

With this power of knowledge, our life and society has been developed from the primitive state to this sophisticated one.

In other word, present civilization is the gift of study.

As study is the main contributory factor to our comfort and easiness, it should be carried on very attentively and with great devotion.

Everyone should study in his or her respective field devotedly to sustain this process of manked will be perished from this earth.


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