Thursday, January 18, 2018

10 apps damage phone!

  Backham Badhon       Thursday, January 18, 2018
10 apps that cause serious damage to the phone!

Downloading the app means Google Play. Everybody thinks that there is a lot of security on the phone from the phone. But everything is not so easy. Many people say, downloading from Google Play can cause phone problems too many times. If there is a problem in that app. Take a look at the list of those harmful apps.

Five Night Survival Craft: Game App This app may be a serious loss.

McQueen Car Racing Game: This is a car racing game. It may also be a serious loss.

Addon Eximbo: This is also a 3D game. The phone is not good to download.

Cool Craft: If the memory is not enough on the phone, it could be a terrible problem. Uninstalling this game can be a lot of space on the phone.

Draw Kawai: This is also a feature game app. This can be done through small drawings. The app is good for spending time, but bad for the phone.

Subway Banana Runway Surfer: It's an app like a subway surfer. It also has problems.

Drawing Lessons Angry Bird: This is a drawing app. Harmful for the phone.

Girl's Exploration (Lite): 2D Game App So far, Google Play has downloaded over 5 million.

Invisible Slipper Skin: This is a gaming app. Builds space problems

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