Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Android for prisma

  Backham Badhon       Wednesday, January 24, 2018
Eventually, Android users woke up. Photo filter app prize is now available in Google Play store Prior to this, only the Apple iPad could be found in the operating system. Technic Website Tech Crunch

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The popularity of PRISM in social media increased the interest of Android users. So last week the Prisma beta version was released for Android. From now on all Android users can use the prismata app. Most of the smartphones in the world are running Android operating systems.

Up to 10.66 million downloads from the Apple Store, the Prisma app has been downloaded. Every day around 1, 55 users use the app every day. The news website, The Next Web,

The Prisma app has been turned into a drawing artist by drawing a smartphone. After the release in June, 75 lakhs of apps have been downloaded.

Adding different filters to the picture is nothing new. Many apps have been working for a long time. But the prisma app is quite different from other apps. Every day the application of 10 million users is filtered by artificial intelligence or Ai. Designed for the iOS platform, this app works with neural networks and artificial intelligence.

A total of four manufacturers were born in tech viz. Prisma. The photo of the photo of the photo of Prisma was flooded by the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Other filtering apps such as Instagram, do not add a filter layer to the main photo on any photo. Rather, by applying his artificial intelligence to the prism, drawing a new picture using different layers. This has been reported from Russia-based PRISM maker.

Prijima's co-founder Alexey Moisinkov said, "We made the film completely new. It's not like an Instagram filter, where you just add the filter to the photo. We do the same way that a real artist will do. '

Meanwhile, manufacturers are working on the Prisma as well as video. Although there are many different types of experiments in the picture, the video does not match the app. Therefore, the creators want to make popular through the video as well as their creativity.

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