Tuesday, January 16, 2018

India's smart city with Google's help

  Backham Badhon       Tuesday, January 16, 2018
India's smart city with Google's help
There are public gatherings, Google has given a special project to build fast special Wi-Fi services in these places. As part of this project, Google launches their fast internet hotspot in Pune, 150 kilometers south-east of Mumbai. The news tells the mashable

With the aim to make Pune city a 'smart city', Google has the local authority, Pune City Corporation, with the project of 150 crores worth of projects, including IT giant Larsen and Tourbow (L & T), Indian state Internet service providers, Railway and IBM.

"We have seen high-powered and easy-to-accessible public Wi-Fi can play an important role in creating a huge Internet service for billions of Internet users in the future," said Google spokesman Mashable India. Apart from this, this project will help Indians get access to the Internet more easily.

"We believe that Google stations will be able to provide ISP, venue operators and state government with fast and credible internet access," spokesman said. The first report on this assistance is the Economic Times.

Last year, Google announced a similar program. Google wants to help individuals or organizations with a good internet connection to provide fast Internet connectivity to low cost. Google's VP Caesar Sengupta said that these individuals or organizations will be given financial benefits.

According to the Economic Times report, IBM will work to resolve the problem quickly. Responsible for building a connecting line on the shoulders of the state-run railway. Besides, they will also send information messages to 161 locations in the city.

Apart from this, the Maharashtra government will also assist in constructing Wi-Fi connectivity in 500 locations in Mumbai with IT giant L & T.

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