Tuesday, January 23, 2018

MacBook Apple

  Backham Badhon       Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Apple announces new model iPhone and MacBook market every year This year was no exception. But for Applebees, there is a good news. The year is almost going to end, this year Apple can bring another new MacBook. Techno Japanese website Makatora said the news

This month, Apple could open a new MacBook with a new event. The new model's MacBook may contain USB type port. The new MacBook may have OLED panel. The speakers on the panel will be on the panel.

MacTar News reported that Apple is going to stop the sale and production of the 11-inch display 'MacBook Air'. Instead, the company wants to focus more on the 13-inch display 'MacBook Air'.

Apple has seen market researchers, users usually make their iPad changes usually after three years. That is, users of Apple products using the iPad for a long time

That's why the iPad sales have come down since 2013. Apple is working on the goal of growing MacBook's market so as to reduce the losses. That's why the company is planning to bring new models to the market every year.

Apart from this, Apple's market research has also found that an average user uses an iPhone 18 to 24 months. Apple launched the first MacBook in the market in May 2006.

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