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Remote control can convey human speech

  Backham Badhon       Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Remote control 
The world is changing and it's very fast. Technology is playing a big role behind this rapid change. We heard from remote control that we started controlling vehicles from the beginning of television. But if this control device is placed in artificial intelligence? Then a lot of people will be talking like the machines will be run.

Here's one of the instruments that will come in the market within the next few days. Seeing this small instrument is like a remote control stick. According to the British media Independent, it is known that the device will be known as Amazon, this device will be known as the next generation Fire TV Stick. By listening to the name, it will be used mainly to manage the television. However, it is adding artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence so users will get many benefits. Earlier, Amazon used artificial intelligence in various tools including echo speaker.

According to Amazon, it will be said to say to a friend sitting next to him, that the Fire TV stick will mark it and make the TV's suitable waves. They say, 'Just say, detect suspense thriller or open the netfix. Alexa (Amazon an application for remote control) will respond to your voice. Again, Amazon's videos can be seen in front or back, both can do it through your voice. Just order Alex, leave the video behind 30 seconds or two minutes ahead. '

This new Fire can be done with TV Stick but more due to the Alexa App. With this remote, your smart home devices will also work. Just what? Ask the remote to get weather news, play scores, leave the song. Not only this, this remote can be able to rent cars to go out or roam around the market.

"The new Amazon TV Stick has been made entirely in the new technology," said George Van der Müllen, Vice President of Amazon Device International.

With its incredible power and powerful voice search, Alexa Powerful Remote allows you to easily create vast pictures, TV shows, and games. Alexx Skills will reveal that. '

Amazon claims that their new TV Stick will give 30 percent faster than the previous version and its new user interface. With the connection of Fire TV Stick to the back of the TV's HDMI port, you will be able to access the Internet through a vast entertainment world. Waiting for Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All Four, MyFIFA and Amazon Prime Video The 39.99-pound Fire TV Stick is coming to the market on April 6.

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