Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Smart National ID card- Bnagladesh

  Backham Badhon       Tuesday, January 23, 2018
In the new Smart National ID card (NID), fraud will end now, because it contains 25 types of security measures.

According to Election Commission sources, the machine-readable new smart card has 32 basic information of a citizen in a small chip. There are currently 25 services, including passport, banking, driving license, trade license and share business. These numbers will increase further in the future.

Install a software, laptop, laptop, and fingerprint to verify the primary information of any cardholder card. This process is going to start very soon.

After five long years of waiting, the best national ID card (NID) or smart card is being offered on October 3.

But those who have not yet received the smartcards, they can find out via mobile SMS, when they will get it. To get smartcards through SMS, you need to:

First, go to the message option of mobile and write the space on the NID space at the space of 17 digits. Those who have NID number 13 digits, they will first add birth. Then send it from any mobile operator to 105. Your smartcard information will be sent back to the message.

But those who have not yet received NID, they will first enter the sc. Then type f and enter registration form number with space. Again, write space by d and type in date yyyy-mm-dd format and send message to 105. In the return message, you will be told where your NID will be given in a camp.

Apart from this, call to mobile number 105 and get information about a smart card with necessary information.

You will know when and where your smart card will be given using the website. What to do:

1. Access this link- https://services.nidw.gov.bd/card_distribution

2. Enter your NID number or voter registration form slip number, date of birth and CAPTCHA.

3. Click 'View Card Delivery Information' option.

4. Then, when the window comes, when you will be given your smart card in a camp.

5. If the writing is done 'No data found for: Your card distribution date is not scheduled yet, please try later,' then it is understandable that the date of the smartcard in your area will not be given yet. For a while

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