Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The coming flying car!

  Backham Badhon       Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Suppose you got trapped in the famous Jam in Dhaka. Meanwhile, the office is delayed or in the rain, the water has accumulated so much that no one can understand the road and no pavement. At that time a button pressed the diameter of the car started flying. This is not a dream, it is real. The technology media techcraft shows that such a dream has been transformed into a company called Slovakia's Eromobile.

The news of the arrival of the flying career was being heard in different newspapers long ago. The big names, such as Google, Uber, have just designed cars, could not be realistic. But on Thursday, in a car demonstration in Monaco, Xeromobil showed that many people have appeared on the forehead. Pressing the button will open two doors like a wing on both sides, after which it will start flying like a science fiction movie. If everything is okay, by the year 2020 the streets of the flying vehicles can be seen.

But it will not be good to drive this vehicle on everybody's forehead. Erombole's Chief Contact Officer Stefan Vadok said, "The driving and pilot licenses are required simultaneously to operate this vehicle. So far, this permission has been given to run in Europe. But in America, there is the talk of launching it. And our next goal is China.

The company said they would make 500 cars for the first time on the road. According to the vehicle model, which will cost between 13 million and 16 million dollars. As the road races to the speed of the road, it flies. There is a switch to fly the car. Within three minutes that will turn your vehicle into a flying car. The two doors of the car will turn into wings. The speed of the car will be 177 kilometers per hour, and the speed of the car will be 360 kilometers.

Uber and Google also announced to bring their fleet of cars. But Google and Uber cars will be like helicopters. That means they will fly from a certain place like a helipad and then land at the specified place. Eromobil cars are not the same. Fly anywhere, and you can go anywhere and go to this new place.

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