Thursday, January 25, 2018

The new version of the WhatsApp app

  Backham Badhon       Thursday, January 25, 2018

In September, Facebook unveiled an app called 'WhatsApp Business' for business purposes. Facebook has made this version of WhatsApp popular in popular message messages to facilitate customer communications with business entities.

Since the launch of the experimental trial, the app has recently been released in Google Play Store. In the report, there will be special features and advantages of the app.

New logo

The new WhatsApp app has been retained. But some changes have been brought. The English 'B' character is in the middle of the previous logo.

The main feature of the app

One of the most verified profiles in the specialty of 'WhatsApp Business'. That means a business organization will be given access to the app without scrutiny. Customers can identify reliable organizations in it. There are also quick replies and welcome. Subscriber Instant can receive quick replies automatically with a welcome message when sending messages to WhatsApp.

The customer does not have much trouble

As mentioned earlier, the app is primarily for business purposes. To use it, the organization has to register with the correct information of the business. However, the customer will not have to face any additional trouble. Customers can communicate with the general WhatsApp connection with the company using the WhatsApp Business Apps.

At full price

Just like that No company has to spend money to use the app. For business communication, you can use it at no cost. Even in the case of the Google Play Store. Apart from using any of the benefits of the app, you will not have to spend any money later.

For now only Android version and for some countries

The developer said Facebook, the version of the app will be released soon with the IOS version. However, this app can be used for Android-powered smartphones. This app is called the WhatsApp Business in the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Indonesia, and Mexico. But the app will be launched in many more countries this month. The company hopes that the market of India and Brazil will be the biggest market.


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