Wednesday, January 24, 2018

UC Browser brings BD Express to Bangladesh

  Backham Badhon       Wednesday, January 24, 2018
China's Alibaba Mobile Business Group's portfolio company UCWeb has brought 'BD Express'. Today the organization has announced the announcement of this news aggregator. BD Express will work fondly with the help of renowned news portals in the country to change readers' news experience. NTV Online has been involved with it since its inception.

BD Express is a powerful algorithmic news aggregator, which changes the traditional way of collecting content. This big data is able to give news accurately to news pushing and readers. And this way it will increase the ability of every user to get daily information.

BD Express was officially launched for the Android version of UC Browser on August 5. BD Express attracted nearly 16 million users of Bangladesh by becoming very popular among UC Browser users. BD Express will serve various types of national and international news including politics, technology, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, latest trends. It's an ad-free service that gives users quick streaming and browsing experience. In order to celebrate this achievement, UCWeb will make a campaign to participate in various field celebrities.

In contrast with other traditional news sources, Uyi Browser's Product Manager, Sihai Yo, said, "BD Express offers customized news based on UC Browser's big data and algorithm technology, which is completely different from other news sources. As well as with UC Browser push notification, users will get instant breaking news, which is interesting for them. This means that our users do not need to filter any spam pages and they will receive relevant news instantly as soon as they need them.

Advanced cloud acceleration and data compression technologies ensure faster speed for UC Browser News loading than any other browser. It has strong ad-blocking functions, allowing users to have a comfortable reading environment that prevents them from annoying and irrelevant ads like other news websites.

Regarding BD Express's prospects and future plans, Howard Liang-who is the Business Director of Emerging Markets of Alibaba Mobile Business Group, said, "UC is trying to enrich the browser's mobile browsing experience based on the unique features. This is a new step for us to prepare UC Browser as a tool for content by introducing BD Express in Bangladesh. The next important task of UCWeb and Alibaba Mobile Business Group is to enrich content usage experience.

The top mobile internet software and service providers of Alibaba Mobile Business Group, UCWeb Incorporate (UCWeb) Since the beginning of 2004, UCWeb has been working to give the best experience of the world's best mobile internet experience. UCWeb's international product portfolio includes UC Browser (Mobile Browsing Service), UC News (content aggregator) 9 apps (Android App Store), UC Union (Mobile Tariff and Monetization Platform) and so on. UC Browser is the world's second mobile browser, which has more than 20 percent of page view market share (according to the station counter) by May 2016. As of May, 2016, according to statistics, UC Browser has got 40 million active users, where 25 apps of 9 apps

For details about UCWeb and its various products, please visit-

Alibaba Mobile Business Group is the leading mobile content and service providers. Its portfolio products include mobile browsers, mobile search, location-based services, mobile gaming, app store and mobile reader operations. Alibaba Mobile Business Group is committed to bringing innovation and reliability to the mobile internet with sophisticated technologies and big data.

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