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Wikipedia says 'Daily Mail' is 'unreliable'

  Backham Badhon       Wednesday, January 24, 2018


The topic of Daily Mail is not acceptable for any entry in Wikipedia, says the Wikipedia editorial. Because of this, they say that the Daily Mail is highly dependent on the unreliable. According to British Tabloid Daily Mail and the information published on its website, 'generally cannot be trusted'. The news of the UK Independent Media Independent

In a recent statement, Wikipedia's English language editor said, "They have a bad reputation for information, weaknesses, over-exaggeration and inadequate information." It is generally forbidden to use this tabloid as any of the references, "the statement said.

The Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization run by the Wikipedia website, said in a statement that voters on the Daily Mail voted in general readers. The Guardian, according to the statement, said that Wikipedia's unpaid editors would like to use Daily Mail as a reference.

The statement further mentions, from now on, Daily Mail will no longer be referred to as the source of reliable information in English Wikipedia. In addition, as a reference, all the existing sources of Daily Mail have been removed and the Wikipedia's voluntary editor is urged to use the new reliable sources in the statement.

The ban is also against the US tabloid. According to Wikipedia's editorial guidelines, the US tabloid The National Inquirer should never be used as a reference.

Wikipedia content is written and edited based on the reliable and third-party information. However, Wikipedia has a considerable reputation for the accuracy and accuracy of this information.

The guidelines are instructed to be careful in the use of information, especially the Chinese news agency Xinhua, North Korean Central News Agency and Iran Press TV. It is said in the guidelines that the news published in these media may be directed by specific groups and opinions. But they were not directly banned against them.

It has been argued against Wikipedia's decision that Daily Mail has historically served neutral and accurate news. Wikipedia is still using the website of another weak source website for references, even though the Daily Mail stopped using it as a reference.

Earlier, the UK's second-highest-daily daily Daily The Daily Mail reported allegations of racism, exaggeration, and unfriendliness. Nevertheless, Daily Mail Online is considered the largest English news website in the world. There are about 25 million subscribers who regularly visit their website.

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