Friday, February 23, 2018

Bangladesh Airplane Ticket

  Backham Badhon       Friday, February 23, 2018

Aircraft of Biman Bangladesh Airlines, carrying 19 international and four internal destinations.

Of the 13 airplanes, eight of its own and five rented. Biman is conducting more flights in the Middle East countries in international destinations.

You can book online now. If you want to travel outside the country or not just the country, you can cut the airline's tickets online.

Biman Airlines has started online ticket booking from 1 November 2010.

 Passengers can log in to and confirm their ticket booking and booking.

Apart from this, all information related to flight-related information will also be available on this website. However, for the ticket collection, the passengers of the plane will also have to go to the airline's office.

After booking online, you will be able to get a ticket from your own sales center with a copy of the booking or booking number of booking.

But if the ticket is not collected within 24 hours then the booking will be canceled. At present, the airline has its own 36 ticket sales centers.

Of these, eight are in Bangladesh and 28 are abroad. Apart from this, Biman sells airline tickets through almost one thousand agents.

There is a provision for payment of tickets through online credit card. You can use both local and international types of visas and master cards for ticket booking.

Customers can avail tickets on airline websites using Dutch-Bangla Bank issued 'Nexus Debit Card'. Apart from the Dutch-Bangla Bank debit card can be booked on the website.

Passport number must be given while booking a ticket. If using a fake number in ticket booking, registration with the person or organization contracted with the company will be canceled.

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