Thursday, February 1, 2018

Digital Map of Bangladesh

  Backham Badhon       Thursday, February 1, 2018

Priyo Limited has taken initiatives to bring about the history of the war of liberation war and the war of events and to create the biggest digital archive of the Liberation War. As part of this initiative called 'Dear Mukti Pin', the work of identifying the events of liberation war is going on under the direct supervision of people in 64 districts of the country and in the direct supervision of the beloved dot com.

The history and history of the war of liberation are being recorded in the digital map of Bangladesh. Zakaria Swapan, Chief Executive Officer of Favorite Limited, said, "The free release pin software will be made open to everyone from December to connect all Bangladeshi citizens in this initiative. He said that anyone who is interested in any part of the world including Bangladesh can release liberation war history through a free pin map.

After pinion, the authenticity of each pin given to the favorite dot comera own judge panel pintadas will be ensured. Professor Dr. is present at the Advisory Council constituted to verify the authenticity and accuracy of the pins given to the common man. Anisuzzaman, professor. Mohammad Kaikobad, Professor Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Dr. Many people including Gowher Rizvi The organizers said that their pins will be validated on the map, given the correct pin. The project, which begins on December 1, will run until February 28.

In March, a prolific show will give 10 thousand rupees and other courtesy items to each of the first 100 people from the highest number of true freedom pundits.

About the process of pinching, download the favorite app on any smartphone or visit the free web page from the browser. After the web page or app is loaded, click the Pin button on the screen that opens in front of you. A window will appear, give detailed information about your PIN after giving all your initials (name, phone number, and email) there. Title of the royalty, the picture related to the event (one or more images can be used), description of the incident, duration (not compulsory), add the correct location to the map and click on the post button.

For the right place to pin the map on the map, place the name of the search option attached to the map and click on the entry. Then find out the right place from the map and pin it. After posting, your PIN will be initially saved on the map. After some time verification of verification, your PIN will be permanently published on our release pin map. The information you provide for the PIN must be in Bengali. In this case, fonts can be used for Unicode or Avro, Gonor etc. It is not mandatory to give a picture of the historic place during the war. At present, the image can be provided as it is located.

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