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Restaurant Meal List 70+

  Backham Badhon       Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Today we have organized food lovers. Who does not love to eat, if the food is made of mother's hand then there is no talk. Today, we will not talk about the handmade food made by the mother, but today we will be hosting the famous and popular food and names of the names in Dhaka city. You can continue to save the post at any time in the future.

Take a look at which food you have not yet eaten !!

Now only the area where you go, the famous shops in the area will be a little confused. Do not forget to take a pocket in the pocket.

1. Nanna Biryani (There are few people who hear this name, like this shop, "cock-polo" can not make any other shop in Bangladesh, I can not say that the taste of this shop's "cock-polo" is not to be expressed in words. Anyone who is able to finish two "cock-polos" in one meeting. The taste of the "cock-polo" is the same as that of the nectar, as well as the bourgeoisie of this store, which has 4 branches. Individual branches of old Dhaka. But first and the main shop with branches cook and there are some differences. Therefore the taste they want to go to the first branches. Current price: - cock-Polar = 80 rupees, borahani = 15 rupees). Address- Becharam Deuri, to go to the mosque they will go to the mosque. From there, "Nanna Biryani" is seen. If they could not go straight to the mosque, they went to the Central Jail. From there, they hire Tk 15 for the mosque.

2. Biryani, Gauschia Hotel Grill, Kuchchi Biryani of the Tsunami Restaurant of Jigatla
3. Bholah Bhikari's cow's pressure and pearl biriyani's cow's pressure, khasir pressure and flower kabutara Khilgao
4. Domestic Hotel of Motijheel and bhura bhina of Hirajheel
5. Hotel Al-Razzaq Kachi + Glassy
6. Talmi of the Lalmatier taste
7. Hotel Star's Khasir Lekush, Shrimp, Faluda, at Nawabpur Road
8. Buffett in 70 items at Hotel Victor in Nayapaltan
9. Herrtej Sharma's Sharma in Herat
10. Green Chicken of Al-Mahbub Restaurant at Shyamoli Ring Road
11. Cows and shouldache pressures of Mohammadpur Geneva / Bihari camp
12. "Manzar Puri" of Bihari Camp in front of Mohammadpur Town Hall Market
13. Chawkbazar Shah Shah's Biriyani
14. Mirpur-10's Shawkat Barbecue
15. Narinder Shah Jahan Biriyani of Shah Sahib
16. English road manic breakfast
17. Gulshan Kasturi Soma
18. Sobhanbagh Prince restaurant's crab
19. Greyn-chicken in the science-lab shade
20. Hazira Biryani of Nazira Bazar
21. Hotel Silent Brain Fries beside the prison gate
22. Karim Biryani of Naya Bazar
23. Hanif Biriyani on the reverse side of Haji Biryani
24 The barbecue forest of Lalbagh Bhat Masjid
25. They leap on the front of the mosque, the muri bhacha of Chawkbazar.
26. Banshal's Shamsar Ali Bhinya Khiburi
27 On the opposite side of the Khilgaon bazar, Al Qaeda's Green Chicken and Tehri
28 Khimuri maternal uncle Khaturi behind the Balur ground behind Motijheel City Center
29 Chancharpul's silent hotel roasted cows and rice with rice
30. Dhanmondi Lailatari Khasri Bhuna Khiburi
31. The wings of the night on the Hosni Dalan road and the lodge bay
32. Bismillah Bati Kabab and Gurdar of Bismillah at Nazira Bazar Bazar
33. Chinese package of Khana-Basmati in Purana Paltan
34. Banani Bumaras Restaurant Buffet Package
35. Dhanmondi turmeric powder of Hishli sauce
36. Gulshan 2's Khatana Maton breath of Biryani and Hidrabari Biryani
37. Mirpur Jhoot Patti's Rabbana tea
38. Dhanmondi / Banani Star Hotel Kachchi and Kebab
39 Muchak's taste restaurant has 36 types of rice with rice
40. Kanchi Biryani of Malancha Restaurant, Reshambi Kabab in Science Lab
41. Tehri-Bhuna Khichuri of Subhanbagh Tehri house

42 Scorpion's cucumber, semolina, soup
43. Mrs. N. Pizzar, Beef Sharma
44 Uttara Ekushey Restaurant's Greil Chicken
45. Lick it out of the cottage
46. Chak Bismillah Hotel Moglai Warm Up
47 Maternal uncle breath before the St. Francis School.
48. Jasim's chest and face in front of Soharadi College
49. Breakfast at Hotel Chowringhee (Sadarghat) in Bangla Bazar.
50 Inexpensive confectionery store (Shankari Bazar) Halua, Poro, Sandesh.
51 Gopibagh Khwaja Halim and Titu Kachchi
52 Noonkhali Hotel Beef Bhola in the Paltan (behind the Vijayanagar water taxing).
53. "Chocolate Pesti" of Olympia Confectionery at Baitul Mukarram
54 Cornflower Garden "Fleet" on the four floors of the city
55 Busting on the thornbush slurry, the buzzing of the octave
56. Russell's "Shikkabab" in Basavor Hotel
57 Dessert items like Dissent (Motijheel, Hatirpul, Banasree, Dhanmondi, Chawk, Nawab --- lots of their branches) are good.

58 Nandan near BRAC University. Their item is good. Biff item is extreme.
59 Jhalamuri walare tomato sprouts on the sides of Gulshan 2.
60 The sauce is great with Mohammedan Continental Hotel's Sharma, as well as tea is not very bad.
61. Guayaqua in New Market area, mango sprouts are quite beautiful.
62. Nahari of Maksud of Khasir Pare in Agasihha Lane
63 Bihari camp cow's brain fries
64. Fakruddin's Kachchi Biriyani, Borhani.
65 Mustakim's pressure at Bihari camp of Mohammadpur, Golden Biriyani.
66. Tehri (Tehri's reply to taste is not addressed.) Address- taste Tehri house, Mohammadpur.
67. Parota and liza Bhaji (available at night). Address- Hosni Dolan Road.
68. Lilab Sharbat, Cow's Kachchi. (Lebu Shurbat does not seem like beauty in Bangladesh and nowhere else. Once it is playing once again) Address - Beauty, Alauddin Road, Bangabazar.

69. Sultan bitta salt tea. Address- Shankari Bazar.
70 Zirra Sharabat Address- Jigatla Bazar.
71. Bharavavurti (go to the fun restaurant "near the Mouchak corridor" if you eat breakfast). Address- fun restaurant, near the mouch road.
72 Rich Chocolate. (Let's go to the coffee world with ice cream 'Rich Chocolate') Combination is dead.) Address - Coffee World.
73. Burgers. (If we talk about burgers, then we would say that burgers in many well-known shops in Dhaka city, such as KFC, BFC, FFC, but the best burgers at cereals have been eaten by Nandas A). Address- Nandas, Dhanmondi, 27

In your opinion, if you know the name and location of any special food, tell it in the comments, send it to us if you have pictures, we will add it to the main post.
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Thanks for reading Restaurant Meal List 70+

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