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Sundarbans Travel Policy 2018

  Backham Badhon       Wednesday, February 14, 2018
The government has finally finalized the 'Sundarban Tourism Policy' under the overarching control of visitors. The protection of the heritage and biodiversity of the Sundarbans, the security of tourists will also be ensured through the principles discussed in the last few years. In the policy, the responsibility of tourists, tour operators and forest department is set in the Sundarbans tour.

According to the policy, at least three days before the Sundarbans tour, permission from the forest department will be able to travel with the maximum 50 meter length double lantern or a vessel tourist to the Sundarbans. On a daily basis, a maximum of 150 passengers and 75 people can not travel. No fitness launch can be reached in the Sundarbans, it has been mentioned in the policy.

It has also been stated in the policy to cancel or cancel the registration of travel in the Sundarbans for the launch or launch of the vessel related to the violation of any condition.

Forest Department Chief Forest Conservator. Yunus Ali said, "The Gazette of the Sundarbans Tourism Policy has been issued in January. Due to the tourists, the environment of the Sundarbans 'wildlife habitat is not destroyed, the environment is not so contaminated, it has been pointed out in the policy.'

He further said, "It is not restricted to the Sundarbans by the rule of law, it is not limited. Rather, everything is brought into a rule. Anyone can travel by following the rules. '

It has been stated in the policy that tourists in the Sundarbans have been increasing in recent years. Unplanned and casual travel disturb the security of visitors and destroy the environment of the Sundarbans.

According to Forest Department data, in 1878 the government declared Sundarban as a reserve forest. Sundarbans extends across the coast of Khulna, Satkhira, Bagerhat, Patuakhali and Barguna districts on the Bay of Bengal. As the largest mangrove forest in the coastal environment, the Sundarbans is the world's largest integrated forest. In Bangladesh, there are 6,17 sq km of the Sundarbans that grow over 10 thousand square kilometers.

The entire Sundarbans was declared in 1992 in the 'Ramsar Sites' (a collective attempt to protect the worldwide biosphere starting from Ramsa in Iran). UNESCO was recognized as a World Heritage Site in 1997.

It has been stated in the policy that the updated transport of the Sea Transport Department will not be allowed to enter the Sundarbans without permission of the fitness certificate and BIWTA.

It has been said that keeping the purpose of the Sundarbans management can be allowed in the limited and controlled form of the Sundarbans tour. Visitors to the Sundarbans tour will pay the government at fixed rates. Minimum three days before the Sundarbans tour, we have to get permission from Forest Officer. However, in case of foreign tourists, the concerned Deputy Commissioners and Law Enforcement Force will be informed.

In addition to the tourist centers in the Sundarbans, such as Karamjal, Munshiganj or Sundarbans, prior permission of the Divisional Forest Officer will be required for traveling and lodging inside the Sundarbans. It has also been mentioned in the policy that the number of tourists will be restricted to tourist capacity of different areas of the Sundarbans.

During the journey of the Sundarbans, the rules of the existing forest law, wildlife law and the rules of the forest workers will be obeyed, where there can not be landed, roaming, and standing. In addition to firearms, sharp weapons, trap, poison etc, forests or wild animals can not be used to catch or catch any equipment.

No mic or microphone can be conveyed during the journey of Sundarbans. The policy has been asked to follow the scheduled route for tourist launch movement.

According to the policy, the maximum length of up to 50 meters can be up to two hundred launchers or a vessel tourists, according to the policy. Maximum 75 tourists will be able to carry 150 tourist and night-time in the day of launch or shipping.
Tourist lunches or vessels can stay in the Sundarbans for maximum four nights and five days. According to forest department's permission for research, it is possible to stay in the Sundarbans as per the minimum requirement.

It has been said in the Travel Policy that the government has to pay a separate entry fee for traveling in the sanctuary area. If there is additional time for the Sundarbans, then the nearest forest officer should take permission from the prescribed fee for reasonable reasons. In any way, it will not be the maximum time limit.

After entering the Sundarbans, no rubbish can be left in the water and in the ground, the cleanliness of the vessels should be maintained.

With the reduction of fees, students will have to get permission from the Forest Officer of the head of the educational institute on the tour of the Chief's own pad. The policy has also been asked to hire at least one teacher as the guardian of every 30 students.

In the Sunderbans area, referring to the withdrawal of water from the seas, rivers or canals, bathing and cutting of the rivers, the policy says that the animals of the Sundarbans may fear, their life can be compromised, and any kind of behavior that may threaten biodiversity You have to refrain from.

It has also been said in the policy, that the noise generated by the normal levels, the black smoke, or the defective vessel can not transport the tourists. Trying to use solar power in the tourist launch. In the Sundarbans, the generator generates the noise, and the generators used to stop at 10pm.

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