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Top 10 Meghna Village Holiday Resort

  Backham Badhon       Monday, February 12, 2018
If you want to entertain a lot of entertainment in a small area then Meghna Village Holiday Resort for you. Or if you want to go somewhere near Dhaka and visit the family one day, there is also Meghna Village Holiday Resort. If you go to the morning to come back to Dhaka in the morning and think of returning to Dhaka, you also have Meghna Village Holiday Resort. And do not wait for the corporate meeting or the AGM to say the same. All the tools are here.

Jahangir Alam Sobhan traveled from Teknaf to Tentulia on 12th February to 28th March with the slogan "Bangladesh will see Bangladesh." As a sponsor of the tour of the country, we were with's powerful endeavor is to bring the places that are inaccessible to the undivided Bangladesh, which are unknown to many, many of which are unknown. Jahangir Alam Sobhan told me the details of the Meghna Village after the trip to the country.

After crossing Narayanganj on Dhaka Chittagong Highway, one kilometer away from the right side of the road (from Dhaka) on 30 bighas of land, a separate entertainment center Meghna Village Haley Resort. Its position within approximately 35 kilometers distance from Dhaka. After crossing the Meghna Bridge, you can see the road side. You will welcome the sculpture of a dinosaur on its entrance, and give the environment messages in the accompanying text. After entering, you will see its true self-interest. There are many arrangements for the entire space. But there is no place for trees. There are several types of trees that describe the trees and the details of trees. You will see that the dinosaur will suddenly fly from the inside of the face of the sparrow.

Look at the dinosaurs: Look at this, the flying sculptor of Tricolorous, trampling the wounded face in his foot, shouted to us, because of this mischief-makers, they have been extinct from the earth 5000 years ago. There are more messages that you'll see after entering. Here the entry price is 50 rupees And for children 10 rupees Thanks to the authorities for allowing me to get free access from Tentulia to Teknaf on foot.

The resort, which is host to many entertainment activities, will not have to worry about spending time: It includes Pendulam Piret Ship, Pedal Boat, Nagrodola, Marigo Round, Cycling, Battery Car and Mikey Mouse Bike. These are in exchange for 10 to 30 taka. Apart from this, there is no fee to watch dance songs, live miniature birds and animals, and to dance songs at cultural events during the Visas. They have their own Jamdani loom and vegetables fields. Anyone can buy them and watch them again.

There are beautiful cottages, surrounded by flower gardens. Other facilities include 10 AC / Non AC coat. In front of the cottages, flowers gourmet garden Air-conditioned restaurants and mails dining, playgrounds and two ponds for fishing. However, in the Shockuno season these water is reduced.

There are Chira Khan, Chitririn, Ti, Love Birds, Monkey, Hasuman, Kharugosh, Beji, Kalimpakhi, Koyail, Rajhas, Titi Ekuriyam Phis and Kumir. There is no separate ticket for these views.

For children there are children's earrings: Composelider slides, common slides, rocking, cisso, video games, electric cars, bike and tricycle.

The tree is surrounded by trees. Frozen and shadowy, this leisure center is safe from all walks of life. Actually like a garden house. The authorities here, with the help of large two fountains and various rides, exhibit the arrangement of fish carvings along with the sculpture of different animals. There are also internet access. The food list is quite long Here you can find different food items. With many things here you can buy daisi licked rice.

There are special items of food for luxury people. Apart from Barbecue Que Kitchen and Barbi Q Garden. There are cajeway bridges, garden restaurants, snack earrings and copy shops, picnic kitchens. Battalola, Badminton Court and Swimming Pool What do you want? At the same time, so many such arrangements can be arranged at very few resorts. There is a chance to see their own Misty Factor Misty Tuck There is a supervisory shop. There are advantages of local foreign food. To stay at the resort, the package of 5 people including children is 8,000 rupees only.

New additions to the Meghna Village Resort: The 20-D3 Synapse. Every day, 3 full-length movies are shown. The ticket price is only 30 rupees. Boat-driven facilities and new playgrounds will soon arrive in the river.

Booking from Dhaka: Suite 512, Label 5, Ibrahim Manson, 11 Purana Paltan, Dhaka 1000. Phone: 9570782, 01552308849

Number to answer in advance: 017122203336.

For details: 01718471961, 01817 104126,

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