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Top 10 Mysterious boiling river

  Backham Badhon       Saturday, February 10, 2018
There is no doubt about the depth of Amazon's deep jungle that jungle. A mysterious river of Amazon jungle has thrown all the world protests. Literally the death trap.

No, there is no violent water body. Can not stay Because, any creature that melt in the river will melt within a moment. Do not get bones. There is no need to read the river. The warmth is going to be swarming nearby. So no animals live in this part of the jungle. The environment is absolutely stuck. The river discovered a young geologist named André Ruzo.

The length of the river is about 6 kilometers. The river is flowing in the Amazon jungle, in the Peru. Water fills up. Continuously No, if you confuse with a hot springs, then do not make mistakes. Only smoke from these very small rivers are rising. It will not take a second for finger wrinkle in the water. The tribes of the deep forest worship the river with knowledge of the god. Even there is no dormant or volcanic eruption in the neighborhood or beyond. Geologist Andrei Ruzo heard the story in front of grandfather in the childhood. After discovering the scientific curiosity, the river recently came to see it.

In the description of that experience, Andrey said that he was very small. Grandfather's stories were heard in the face of grandfathers, because he had heard many fairytale stories in his grandfather. Once in the dinner, his grandfather tells him the story of the Mayanatuyasu river. After the soldiers of Mexico and Peru's Spanish regime killed the last Inka ruler, they entered the Amazon jungle under the leadership of the commander, looking for gold. After returning to life in any order, the commander said, the wild animals of the jungle, poisonous water and boiling river experience. Twelve years later, in the face of one of his aunt, he heard the story of that river again. He said that he saw the river. Determine as a geologist, find out the Mayantuasu river.

During the study of André, he asked different authorities about the river. But everyone said that there is no such river exists in the world. His co-researcher, the government, several mining companies - all know that there is no such river. Everyone says that when there is a boiling river, nearby volcanoes have to stay. If there is no heat source, then how will the water heat?

André did not listen to all the colleagues. He himself went deep into the Amazon and searched for a boiling river. Got success. He saw that the mortal remains. Pictures have taken too many The surrounding area is surrounded by smoke-filled areas. The little river constantly fades.

André's words, the river's water touched a little, and the third degree started. Realized that the river meets the trap of death. After dipping a dead frog, he was stuck in a second. Do not understand what the source of this heat is. Doing research.

Roping trees are being cut in the vicinity of the river. The tribes are making land for cultivation. So, the world has wondered about the soaring river boiling, André. Otherwise, Mayantuasu will soon disappear. Mysteries

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