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Top 10 Near the sky "Nilgiri"

  Backham Badhon       Saturday, February 10, 2018
If you want to reach the sky, you will have to go to Nilgiri. When Nilgiri climbs to the top of the hill, the sky will come and catch you in your hands. On the head blue blue sky, playing a white cloud in Nilgiri hill. This Nilgiri is a spectacular beauty. Due to Nilgiri, Bandarban is called Darjeeling in Bangladesh. It is very much fun to travel here in the two periods of winter and rainy season. However, more fun is available during the rainy season. Because at that time the cloud flashes to see the amazing dance of the day.

Nilgiri's location on the top of the hill just 45 kilometers away from the district headquarters. In short, tourism spot organized by the Bangladesh Army, Nilgiri has been known all over the country. On the way to Bandarban, on the way to the hills, the moon carriage and the Jeep-Micro bus can go to Nilgiri.

Three cottages with all the facilities for the tourists named as sky blue, Megaduta and Nilatana have been developed at Nilgiri Tourist Center on the remote hills. Cottages are rented for the night to run between 1 thousand and two and a half thousand rupees. There is also a sophisticated restaurant here. After reaching Nilgiriri after passing the mountainous path, the stomach is eaten in the restaurant.

Nilagiri is a unique gift of nature. From the peak of Nilgiris, the country's second highest hill, Kekkradong, natural wonders Bagalake, sea of Cox's Bazar, light-dark lamps of the Chittagong sea port and the sight of the hills covered with eyes are also seen.

There are several Mro tribal villages near Nilgiri. Near Kapadri near Nilgiri, you can easily find out about Mro indigenous people. A camp of Bangladesh Army in Nilgiris. As a result, there is no shortage of security here. Army members will extend their cooperation to any need you need.

The beauty of Nilgiri night is more shocking. Seeing all the wild animals of the surrounding deer, foxes and the light-skinned play of the hills, your life seems to be mysterious. For those who love adventure, the nightshows of night may be the best place. On the way to Nilgiri, you can see the beautiful beauty of Bandarban. Here the indigenous weavers will welcome you. You can buy from indigenous hand-made products. After this the dream will be seen. From the dream, Bandarban's wonderful beauty can be enjoyed.

After the dream, you will reach Chimba, the famous Darjeeling of Bengal. Chimbuk's reputation is all over the country. There is a huge tower of T & T, the development board has created a rest house with all facilities. There is also a rest house in the Road and Highways Department.
Upon reaching Chimbu, the local indigenous people can take a cup of hand made tea and move themselves towards Nilgiri. Or there is an army-run canteen just a few minutes away. Here you can take a lunch or light meal.
The most interesting thing about Nilgiri is that the Sangu River flowing over Bandarban is seen from here. From here it seems that Sangu River is very close to you. The beautiful beauty of the Sangu River is enjoyed from here. Seeing the small boats that have torn off in Sangur's book, from a distance, a dream can be seen from the Sangu river.

Helipad has been built here for direct landing of VIPs. But the general visitors are not allowed to enter the helipad. Flower garden in Nilgiris, beautiful flowers on the hill are also astonishing.

Bandarban Hillbird has many types of cars in front of Nilgiris. You can rent your favorite car and go to Nilgiri. However, for cottage booking, the authorities have to be contacted in advance.

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