Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Top 10 Some Tips to Travel

  Backham Badhon       Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Make a plan before going to or away from home with friends or family. You have made many plans for the trip, but due to some minor mistakes, your whole journey of joy has become dull. So, giving you some useful tips for making your pleasure travel more vivid and delightful. Hope you enjoy it, you can stay tension free Before you move around, learn some important tips for you.

1. As well as preparing for a trip abroad, what should be in the luggage, walk around and stay for a long time - list two types for two areas, make a draft plan for excursions. It will save a lot of time, it will become easier with travel.

2. Make the bags as light as possible while going. Do not take unnecessary things. But make sure to clothe the costume cloth properly. You can keep lotions, cream, body spray, toothbrush, paste, shampoo, comb, lipase, cap/hat, small umbrella, handkerchief, wet tissue, according to the requirement, if there are small pockets, or keep them in other pockets. The people who save regularly, do not forget to take this rajar-foam, these.

3. Put your sandal-shoe polythene or paper on one side of the baggage. If you are brand new or hard, you will not be able to walk properly or walk on your feet.

4. Keep in mind that beforehand what is available in the area. If not, you can read it. Good to avoid touristic restaurants. While traveling around, local residents eat food where there is a lot of food and drink expenses.

5. If the students spend the cost of pocket costs, the cost goes up or down, in that case, going a little earlier or later without leaving the travel season. Just like this time is such a time. In the travel season, everything is more expensive. But it is not fair to go off the ground completely.

6. You can picnic in a spectacular spot from a restaurant while roaming. In this, you can understand local culture, customs, and reduce the cost. It is very important to keep light dry food and water.

7. Find out more about the internal arrangements in place of travel from one place to another. There is a lot of harassment in the taxi or rent-in car, if there is no proper knowledge about the place of travel.

8. If you drive yourself by traveling, drive from awareness about traffic in the area. Be careful about car parking.

9. Keep some extra money with. Suddenly there will be a work on any accident. And there is absolutely no carelessness in the sea. Due to a little carelessness, you and your loved one's life can go.

10. Take the bag that will carry yourself to travel, keep your essential little things there, and it will reduce the problem. Take everything else in a bag.

There are many things to keep in mind if you have to keep a lot of bags. Besides, keep the clothes you wear on the side of baggage. Take Easy and comfortable clothing. Especially according to the weather according to the weather, you can clothe your outer clothes.

11. Camera but a very important part of the trip. Check the extra battery, memory card.

12. If you take your mobile and laptop, definitely do not mistake your charger in the bag. If you want you can put the charger in a baggage bag.

13. Earphones or MP3s can be taken during the trip. The journey will be more enjoyable if you sing the song.

14. Traveling without money cannot be considered. However, exchange the currency according to the country or place. Keep some amount of vandalism with it.

15. Take a book with two. Certainly not a big novel. The light magazines are better then. You can also take a book and pen with it. Suddenly any emergency information can be noted. Without it, it can not be said that you can also see poetry in your place after seeing any beautiful place.

17. Your address, the address of where to go, the number of closest friends or relatives can be kept in small notes in your luggage. When everything is finished, you can think again and again what is not taken in the luggage.

18. Check in the bag for the last time, whether the passport and the ticket are in the bag, which you have already made in the bag.

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