Sunday, February 11, 2018

Top 10 Tips Going to visit? Know some important information

  Backham Badhon       Sunday, February 11, 2018
If you get a little time to travel around the year in the work pressure, surely the bag is packed out. But before leaving out, it is important to remember some things. Take a look before leaving the bus, train or plane.

Before the service is booked

Before booking a service, check out its cancellation and refund policy. Be careful when booking a non-refundable ticket or hotel. Wherever you are going to travel, there may be a natural disaster or political dynamite can be canceled. Keep such mental preparation. Do not suffer from decisiveness. Start the plan at least four months ago. So that there is no problem when the date of travel is approaching.
Remote homage is respected
If your destination is not city-centric, be respectful of the culture of the people in the remote areas. If you go to an indigenous community, respect their customs and practices. If you go to see a fountain or a holy tree, then follow that there is a rule for entering the shoes. Do not get involved in any kind of discussion. Find out whether or not you can get perfume on before wearing an ancient temple.

The importance of local people

Try to buy local things while shopping. Take a tour with local people as a guide. You will not have 'Communication Gap' with the local people. Try using the local hotel owner or guides if they feel bad in another way. Suppose you went to a hilly village. There was half the bucket water for the bath. And your mood is getting hot in it. You are giving money. But not getting water as needed. Think, that half of the bucket can not have your bath in the water. But the hill people have to collect the water from a distance. So it is not possible to buy all the money.

Mars in the forest

When you go to the forest, wear a tree-colored dress. Maintain the solitude of the jungle. Do not wear bright colors. The wild beasts will see you from a distance. As a result, they will run far away. If you do not see the villagers standing in the jungle, do not make any comments loudly. Remember, they are not obliged to show you. There are no strict rules. But experience has shown that wildlife comes out of the deep jungle cover in the dawn of summer or in the afternoon and winter fall. At that time they came to salt water to drink water. And in the winter it is seen in their sunny days. So while traveling to the jungle, it can be kept in mind while booking a Safari.

Away from pollution

Do not make plastic pollution. Put dirt in a specific place. Do not keep the demand for something that is not available in remote areas.

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