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Top 10 Tips Long time traveling

  Backham Badhon       Thursday, February 8, 2018

Want to go on a long trip?

Know some important things

Some people take royal preparations to go on a long journey and later the burden is heavy. Or forgot the urgent thing. Some of them are recaptured, Hut Hat goes away somewhere.

Then go to the place to understand the mistake. That's not right, I forgot it, should have come to the news, why is not the bus seat good? There is no seat in the hotel why?

Takato is short. There are many problems, etc. Let's once again wander the warning issues in the long run.

Preparation phase

1. Before the long journey, before the car, take the time to fix the tickets. Take a look at the oil and parts of your car. If you drive yourself, take a partner. Get ready to sleep. If you are a driver, keep him / her in advance 3/3 days ago. Do not be too far away with Decision.

2. Make a checklist with what to take. Then fill in a bag and tick the mark. Make a list of what to buy and mark what has been bought.

3. Take the car number before you get in the car. If you can, send it to any relative. Do you have the feet of danger? Said.

4. Get enough battery and balance in the vehicle by car. Keep up with money and valuables. However, it is a good idea to not bring women jewelry with expensive ornaments.

5. Wherever you go, you will get news about weather, fare prices, weekly holidays, law and order, roads, political situation, mobile networks, banking facilities and events or festivals.

6. Of course, knowing the history, nomenclature, famous places, food and people, wherever you are going, you will be ahead of others.

7. If you book a hotel, a lodge, bus or a train before, then you will not have to face any danger later.
Nowadays, in the Internet age you can take services from the net or from a tour operator.

Highway issue

1. Drive the vehicle over the highway and twist the driver to drive it. Overtake Warning Do not go to work on the bridge.

2. Get in the car with polythene, vomit tablet, washing, water. Get home-made light snacks. But it is better not to eat too much.
3. The car stopped for gas gas. If others point out without the police, it is better not to stop the car at night.

4. Stay in the highway restaurant for breakfast, take the bag with you. Work in the scheduled time. If you spend more time in the washroom, take breakfast in less time or accompany you in the car.

5. Be careful while sitting with strangers. Report to the supervisor if you are suspicious. Do not eat anything. Be careful if you want to store more.

About driving

1. Run the vehicle at a moderate speed. Do not drive cars by yourself tonight. Do not stop in solitary areas. When you are on the bus, be careful about the passenger.

2. Make the driver miserable Do not take away the running of the hospital, school, dharamalaya, hostel, etc.. Do not go to work but have kids around. Bus drivers do not mean these. Ask the driver if needed.

3. If you are women and children of the elderly, be careful. When the driver is driving at a higher speed, he will stop him.

4. Do not abuse if you are distracted by the driver for driving, forcing people or for some other reason. Explain to him and tell him. Because many things depend on his temperament.

5. When traveling around mountainous areas, try to take an experienced driver, especially if the driver has a habit of driving on mountain roads.

6. If you drive through the forest, do you notice that any small animal is crossing the road?

7. If there are far off roads, then stay on two drivers. If you have a car, keep a skilled person in the car at least.

8. Do not drive your sleep with sleeping eyes. Make sure the driver is doing too.

9. Of course, before going away, take a look at the vehicle engine fuel is all right. And take some necessary repair parts. Do not forget about the small bucket for giving water to the engine.

To make travel safer

1. Enter the name of the phone number, home phone number on your ticket name. If you do not write a counter, you can write yourself. Keep a picture of your ID card.

2. Keep books or magazines together. Time will be good. I will be studying with them. But 10 minutes or 10 kilometers before leaving the car, keep them all confused.

3. Remember the number of bags you had. Then understand them. Take care of bag tokens. Keep the bags that you put in the sunset closer to the opposite side of the car. Keep eye on the bag.

4. Do not go away due to jam or any other need to stop the car.

5. Find out where the emergency door is. Take a look at the advantages of the car accident.

Do not take hands and head out of the window. Do not look far away.

6. Keep mental preparedness for any accident. Do not go to the glass bolt after hand. Ask everyone to stay calm. Save yourself. Work to protect children and women.

Highway Manners

1. Sit down watching the seat. If your seat is next to the window then be aware of the advantages of the next passenger.

2. During the removal of the glass of the window, you will see whether the front or back passenger is in the hand or if the facilities are difficult.

3. When you get your seat, tell the back passenger that you are taking the seat down. Because it can be difficult for him.

4. Do not take sides with the supervisor if the passengers or passengers are in dispute. Try to reconcile neutrally.

5. If there is a problem due to another passenger, tell him kindly. Do not hesitate to say sorry for someone's problem because of you.

6. Do not spit on the window while moving. This spit will not fall out of the air behind the back of the passengers. Do not go outside the window. Do not drop the collar cholera polythene. Keep the water bottles inside.

7. If the next passenger's vomit is concerned, then let him beside the window. Not to vomit with the windows. To feel a little better. Polythene is to be immersed.

8. Do not cause others to be bothered by creating a barrier to keeping a bag in the bus lane.

9. Do not fall into the sleep of others. If you have a fear of falling asleep on your bus, then take the seat first.

10. Get acquainted with the next passenger. If you have strangers on the opposite sex, respect them. Do not show too much prominence.

11. If you have a habit of praying, then do the prayer without having the passenger's problems. That is why we have to perform ablutions beforehand.

12. If you have a habit of smoking then take it later. Keep dry ginger or ginger with. Instead of cigarettes, dry ginger in the mouth.

13. If you get into public transport with friends. Do not be angry with others by annoying them.

14. Wherever the car is stopped by the road, (men will not stand to water down). Respect at least women passengers. Saruna in a little while.

14. Broke the car glass, take care of the owner or the manager's number, if the behavior of the staff is bad, and do not exceed the speed with them. And call it politely. Although he may know from earlier, listening to complaints from the passenger will have a different significance. Those who travel after this will benefit.

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