Thursday, February 8, 2018

Top 10 tips to make travel safer and pleasant

  Backham Badhon       Thursday, February 8, 2018

To make your travel safer and pleasant

Whatever we go on the trip is not just a fun meal. In some cases our guard has done some work while traveling somewhere far away. Doctor say the air should change. But if the actual journey is not safe and pleasant, then the wind does not change, and it does not work like a touring tonic. For a truly successful travel, you can quickly find out the details.

1. Take time to arrange the whole plan

Of course, do not travel by hoot. Plan your time with hands-on. Know everything where you go on the trip and fix the hotel or bus train or plane tickets. Avoid unnecessary tension on the trip. Because you will go for a walk, not to tension about eating to keep your mind light. But it is best if you go through a tour operator and you can feel free to leave all the tension on them. Of course, choose the good company.

2. Travel to a party

You can go alone more than just being able to travel alone when you go to Gomra. Therefore, you will be traveling with close friends or friends in the club club. How many people can be in groups, if the group of 10 to 20 people are less than ideal then the problem is more and more, the problem is increased. During the bandwagon, you will make a mathematical calculation. For example, if you go to Bandarban, then match 10 or 12 numbers. That means 10/12 or 20/24, the chand car or boat calculation will be matched. There are 12 people in Chan's car and 4 people in a small boat. 5 good matches in Sylhet Because there is a need to travel to CNG in many places. Cox's Bazar or Stamarturin 4 people are good. Because at the hotel or resort there can be 4 rooms in the room.

 3. Do not go cheap

One of the problems we face is the cheapest money while traveling. After the bad service of the travel or tour operator company. So, I'm not saying you buy 4 taka for 7 taka. You have an idea about bus, train, air fares in the country. There is also about the price of Khabar, so when someone will walk very low prices Dalmay Kuch Kala Haya. If your 10-20% increase is more than your estimate, and if it is a good company then my father agreed. Because they need to get some money with the cost of the guide. If you want to be happy without the care of the poor, you can go back after two days. Then you will not find a better servisher.

4. Take the guide

We do not think Gaud or anyone's help. Saying the people of the streets, I will tell them. The hotel can be booked by mobile phone. What is the guide work? Firstly, you can learn about the history traditions from the guide. Second: The time period is important, we can match the sum of money, if it costs more than 2 thousand pocket, then what can be done. But time calculations. For example, you went to Bandarban. You will go to Remakri, Dundori, Amakum, Nafakhum. Time 2 days You do not know where to go or how long it will take to go. As a result, you delayed the Nilgiris in the boat and missed the boat. The next day, he stayed there only by the afternoon, he could only go to Remakri. Eat resting at 3 o'clock. Now Nafakhum and now cannot come anymore. So stay here. That means your 2 days are over. You have to stay one more day to go to Nafakum. But if you had a guide, you would not have had this problem.

5. Keep it with the necessary accessories

Some things to take with us when traveling. Keep those things together. Insert a checklist and put it in all the bags with a tick mark. Keep in mind that with other things, presently national ID card, the mozail charger will not forget to take these two things.

6. Have a meal

We like to eat sour-boiled, oil-sour, or Richfood if many go out. I do not remember any of the local delicacy. Remember to move away somewhere, for others, do not have problems for you. And it is not desirable to lie in the hotel while walking around the body.

7.Travel Partner Sort

Many of us get up with whom we go while traveling. There are some problems in this. As you went to Sylhet's Hum Ham Shot, he took 1 person that a helmet suffered by 1 kilometer. But there are 8/8 of 16 km in the mountainous way. Do you have more problems with the tour operator? No, it is not because they told tourists all the way before.

Be happy with your journey

Thanks for reading Top 10 tips to make travel safer and pleasant

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