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Top 10 tips travel to low cost

  Backham Badhon       Thursday, February 8, 2018

Traveling means you are going a little distance from the house. What you need to go there is safety and safely travel. But still find ways to travel at a low cost. If you do not want to go out on a trip with family, then it is possible for students to travel at a lower cost. But it is necessary to know the way to travel as well as to travel at a lower cost.

Let's know how to reduce travel costs.

1. Travel to the team

Wherever you go, you can travel around eight people to travel with friends, the cost will be reduced. If the car is in the car, how many people can turn around, turn the gun. As you go around, you have to travel in the boat. It costs too much. There can be up to 6 passengers on board. Then you create 6 teams, 12 or 18 groups. Or CNG, make 5 or 10 people in every CNG.

2. Share the benefits

There are various types of hotels and services in the tourist areas. For example, if a single room rental is Rs. 1,000, then maybe double room rates will be 1200, which means that the amount of the property is Rs. Again, if you travel to Cox's Bazar, there is a dormitory in the tourism corporation's 300-odd seat price. For students who are very affordable. You can share food when close friends travel.

3. Plan a trip before or after the arrival of the season

Remember that the price of all things in Peak Season is high. Not only that, if you want to book a few days ago you will not get the seatkhali. So keep booking with hotel and other communications before the arrival of the season. 20-30 percent can be cost effective. So travel before or after the arrival of the season.

4. Travel apart from holidays

There are lots of crowds in all the travel spots on holiday. As a result, bus tickets, hotel rooms, and local food cuisine all have high prices on that day. If you can visit the opening day, leave the office or work room for 2/1 days. You can get low prices everywhere. It was found that you can take a room at the hotel. Many people travel holidays without holidays, but losses are higher. So traveling on opening day can not only cost you more trouble but also get rid of it.

5. Booking beforehand

Plan your trip with your time. And keep hotel and other services booked beforehand in the field. Hotels can be used for advance barking. If you give more prominence to online than development then there will be no possibility of being deceived. Most people are late to decide. Someone who is going to Cox's Bazar or go to Sajakonake. By doing this in the end, when you fix it, the price of all things increases. The best way to make a decision is to rekindle. When I went to the sea the next time I went to the mountain and went to some island, the next time I went to the archaeological site, there was a river, and the next time a locality was framed.

6. Bargain

In the tourist spots, the price of the goods is always rising, so if the tourist increases, the price increases, the price decreases, if the person decreases. So you can take bargain if you want. If you do not have too much problems then you can get some benefits. Apart from the mainord, you can go to the small roadside. Of course, if there is no danger of security.

7. Try to catch in another way.

If you want you can visit the tour differently. As you went to visit the Sundarbans, he brought 10 kg of honey at a price of 300 taka. Got 100 rupees per kilo and sold it to the office's colleagues and friends, and see that you picked up part of the cost. But think about whether you can be able to sell or buy the price beforehand.

8. Use official rest house

You know that private hotel motels are less expensive than government gateways and bungalows. Where can you stay at 100 or 200 rupees in one room. For this reason, you will be able to contact beforehand by booking. In some cases government referees are needed. For example, if you want to stay in Bengal on railway, there might be some reference of railway in Chittagong. Do not expect to get official government without ever having to contact before.

9. Community Tourism can take help

Community Tourism is a stereoscopic tourism service. Just like if you want to go to saga. There is a rented accommodation in the main hotel where there are 5 thousand rupees every night, if you are in an indigenous or tribal house, then you can rent 200 rupees. Do not fear the indigenous people rented the house, they make their houses suitable by tourists. And they also have food arrangements in their home.

10. Match with other things

If possible, do not just go for Cox's Bazar tour and tag it with another job. Suppose you will go to Cox's Bazar for any office work. Therefore, you can visit Cox's Bazar as well as take 2 days leave. Maybe not always possible. But of course, keep this in mind beforehand. Otherwise it will be seen if you take the opportunity to sit in Cox's Bazar in December.

Although many people think that traveling through a tour opera is a huge cost. Actually it is Rather you can reduce your costs. But you must find good and professional operators. The tour operator will be the cost of the same service if you take the same quality service. The operator can plan for a group, get a discount in the hotel and keep it in a few months before booking.

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