Thursday, February 8, 2018

Top 10 Way Plane sinking travel

  Backham Badhon       Thursday, February 8, 2018
There are different types of beauty in different countries of the world. And the tourists are rushing out of this beauty. Turkey has had a weird stroke to pull tourists

An old plane was sunk in the sea. Only the head of the plane is floating on the ocean surface. The rest is below the sea. The plane was kept in a sea of Kusadasi town in Aydin province of Turkey. News agency AFP said.

The government has created artificial coral reefs in the sea and has been able to pull tourists. It takes two and a half hours to take the plane to the sea. And this small sky boat witnessed the sidewalk and visitors to the seashore.

The A300's fan is 44 meters wide and 54 meters long. The Kusadasi city authority bought the 36-year-old aircraft for $ 93,360. Only under-the-flyers will be allowed to enter the aircraft.

Ozlem Serikoglu, Mayor of Kusadasi city of Turkey, said, "Our goal is to protect the livestock of the underground water. We have brought the plane here to implement that goal. We want to turn Kusadasi into the world's diving tourist center. '

Sirikoglu said, "We want to expand tourism in Kusadasi so that tourists visit here for 12 months."

However, earlier this year, Turkish Airlines has attracted tourists to attract tourists in various resorts. But after the terrorist attacks in Turkey several times the crowd of tourists has decreased.

According to information provided by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism, 16 percent of tourists have declined in the last four months in Turkey. In the country's capital Ankara, the presence of 68 percent of Russian tourists has declined in the first four months of this year. To attract tourists, they sank the big airplane in the sea.

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