Thursday, February 15, 2018

Top 10 Way Travel City Without Roads

  Backham Badhon       Thursday, February 15, 2018
Those who are wearing Jama-Jam in Dhaka city might have thought that if there was no road, if no cars were there, how good it would have been. But this is not possible. Because if the car was not there, the communication system would have been in place. But there is a city where there is no street, which can be heard in all the roads in the city, which is made of water. Unquestionably be surprised. There are no mechanical vehicles. There is no traffic congestion, rush, and the city's surprise. Think it is possible! Find out why possible and why possible-

Get horn, a small town in Holland, Europe. The residents of the city fully depend on the waterway for transportation. The canals have been cut out in front of every house in the city so that they can handle the transport and goods transport by boat. There is no way to buy a car for the urban people even after having financial capacity. Because there are no roads in Gaitherton.

In the Githurn, 75 miles north of the Netherlands capital Amsterdam, 180 interconnected cities are also maintained through 180 wooden bridges. Freight transport, bridges are used more for walking. The city was developed by the Mediterranean colonists in the 1230s. In order to carry pit manure, the canal is cut from the north to the south around the city.

There is no car because there is no black smoke or the horny sound of the horn. If you do not like to ride in the boat then there is a narrow lane in the city. It can be done either by bicycle or by walking from home and from home. The postman of the city also sent a letter to Abadi Obbari in a small boat.

The city is called 'Dutch Venice' for beauty and romanticism. Who would not want to get such a beautiful city to experience boat discovery or walk? This town of 2600 was a village a few days ago. But due to the participation of this small village in the tourism sector, the authorities gave the village the status of small town.

As the city of waterways, many tourists visit Geithrin every year. In 1958, Dutch filmmaker Bert Hansstra chose Geithorn to shoot his famous Hungry Snap Fanfair. After that, the little village that came in the light of propaganda came to light only then the small village Then there are many more movies in this town shooting. Tourists love to call the city as Vesin of North or Venice of the Netherlands.

Rosen, a resident of Gaithorn village, said, "We love our village very much. We do not have any problems because there is no road. Rather we enjoy this thing.

How can the water of the canal become so clean; In reply to this question, he said, "All of our village children are very aware of this. We do not clean anything in this water. Bathing is absolutely prohibited. The oil is emptying from the machine boat, so that boat is banned here. '

The city is located in the middle of the massive natural conservation store, Weerbeen Wideen National Park. And if you want to visit the city well enough then it is recommended to ride in the boat.
Local small populations and few tourists portray the town of Github. The sleepy canals around the city make tourists memorable.

Of course, the popular place to visit in the summer is the city. But it is also popular in the winter because tourists can skate ice in local canals and hearts.

Tourists can walk around the boat, visit the museum to visit the history of the city, visit the exhibition. As an added attraction, tourists also get the opportunity to skate the snow on the Github Valley. Quiet, fluent, peaceful life is like Geithner's dream, it is the first choice of people.

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