Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Top 10 Way Travel Guide Google Map

  Backham Badhon       Wednesday, February 7, 2018

We use less than every smart phone. There are some apps, including Facebook, Messenger, Camera, which are used in our daily routine. Google Map is one of them. Let's do some of the necessary uses.

1. Guidelines: Many of us lose their way in the stranger or in a familiar area. Then there are only one way you have the next man. But I'm trying to give you another way of being dependent. If you have internet data, you open your Google Map and open your location, ie your current location and destination ie where you want to go, your mobile will tell you to go to the right or to the left.

2. Distance: Before going anywhere on the trip, we do not budget the time by measuring the distance we do first. In that case Google Map may be your most trusted friend.
Work in the previous process, open Google Map, if you can not give your current location correctly, mobile data on your WiFi or mobile data. Now with your current location and target location, you will get your easy calculation. From how many kilometers you can go to any roulette, and you will get a quick and easy for you.

3. Whether you go on foot or on a bike, train or bus, Google Map will tell you how long you will need to go on your journey according to your speed, how far ahead, you can easily get updates every moment.

4. Offline service: Many people like me may have a handful of people who do not want to get help handling. Google Map is offline service for them.
Select the offline and keep your required space and download it. Now also use Google Sense even if you are offline.

5. Draweran: It seems that you are going where you are going, what you see in the place, what is next? Just open a Google map with a little trouble, search. Now with a little "Long press", pin pointing is done with 360 views.

6. Traffic Jam: This is a whole new version of Google Maps. If your Google Map application is updated, then you can get this facility effortlessly. You can see your Internet connection on location by location and now you can see traffic or updates to this area.

7. In the country abroad: With satellite facility, you can see a laptop or a phone sitting on any side of the 360 views of any country, pictures, street view.
Total time is not possible, but a virtual tour will be possible.

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