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Top 10 Way Travel Honeycomb world famous

  Backham Badhon       Friday, February 16, 2018

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Marriage means the new name of the same life. The arrival of a new person, which is shared with all happiness and sorrow After the new wedding, the plan to take a stroll around the beloved man will make the happy times longer. If you say in Bengali, Madhukhandrama But where to go to honeychandrima, you have to wear it in a dilemma So today's arrangement will be a small solution to this conflict.

Let me tell you about the world's 5 honeymoon places that are located in Asia. Many of us think that all the beautiful places of the world are located in Europe. But in our Asia, there are many beautiful places that match the rate of Europe. The best 5 honeymoon places in Asia are:

1. Thailand

Thailand is the first in the world in the world of Hanimun Spot in Thailand. You can buy Thai maps from the airport or adapt the Thomas via the Internet on your mobile. If there is a Thai map then there will be no fear of losing your way.

Do not completely depend on the guide. Pattaya is one of the most romantic beaches in Asia, located in Thailand. As the depth of the night increases, the flashing power of light increases with it. Musical faint rhyme There are numerous coral islands in Pattaya. An island of Coehorn Scuba Drive, Surfing, Phishing, Running Through Infinite Watershows Around

2. Bali Island

Indonesia's Bali Island is one of the most preferred tourist destinations. It is equally popular as the honeymoon spot in Asia. Bali Island looks like a beautiful, clean picture. People here are very aware of the fact that their island is clean.

If you want you can hire a beach for yourself. Though Indonesia is the most Muslim living country on earth, the sand figure is quite different. Most Hindu people live here. There are many spectacular temples here. It would be worthless to see the sand if it is not seen in the world's famous Kuta marine beach. The color of the Kuta marine water is dark blue.

3. Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most beautiful island states of Asia. There is a wide range of mountains covering the entire nation of nature. And the hills of the hill have developed into the shiny city of modern times. Malaysia is a city clean, surrounded by sculpted green hills. Not cold or hot - all in a nice climate, in existing Malaysia.

Natural beauty, festive heritage, and the abundant city of Penang in Malaysia. The famous island of Penang Asia known as the 'Eastern Pearl' There are plenty of restaurants, street cafe, department stores and authentic beach beaches.

4. Sri Lanka

Honeymoon spot in Sri Lanka Asia, located on the southern coast of India. Sea beauty, rich cultural heritage, with great natural beauty, is very interesting to tourists around the world. Sri Lanka Buddhist religious pilgrims from ancient times. There are many beautiful beautiful temples here. From this beautiful country, you can come back at a low cost.

5. Maldives

Another beauty in Asia is the Natural Beauty Island Maldives. But the island is far above the beauty aspect. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists from the world end up rendering pleasure to the beauty of the Maldives. About 2,500 small islands are in the north, south, east and west of the country.

And the Maldives built on these islands There are many resorts here and each resort has been developed on separate islands. So stay at the resort of your favorite island can stay.

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