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Top 10 way Travel Kolkata city of dreams

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Calcutta, the largest city in eastern India. The colonial city is said to be the capital of West Bengal. The strange blend of ancient colonial culture, the span of Bengali culture, the historic British establishment and the British subcontinent expression city. The modern city of Calcutta, a mix of Western art and flourishing in ancient art form, is one of the major cities of tourism. Calcutta city full of red dalations in the British period. Calcutta Tourism Traveler's huge reception with Bengali culture, language unity and geographical location.

Calcutta (Eastern name Calcutta) is the capital of West Bengal. Calcutta is a Bengali in India. A city diverse. The mix of Western art, the architectural architecture and artistic architecture of Calcutta, the city of dreams to the tourists. People's education, culture and heritage and hospitality are very interesting here. Calcutta, a charming city with 300 years of ancient heritage and vibrant cultural background.

Calcutta's History: 

Diversity and history of Kolkata name match the history. Dada's Kolkata was known as the city of the chiefs of the subcontinent since the British rule. It is said that, where legendary Shiva's wife's body was found after her body, it is now known as Kalimandir of Kalighat. Perhaps the name of the temple is named after the temple. However, the name given to the British was Calcutta, which is the English version of Calcutta. The British used to manage the entire subcontinent from here.

How to get: For Bangladeshi tourists, Calcutta is easily reached by air, road and rail. You can go to Subhash Chandra Bose Airport from Dhaka. You can reach Calcutta by the Dhaka-Calcutta 'Maitree Express' by rail. You can reach Calcutta directly from Shyamoli Paribahan via Bay Road. There are bus services in Kalyanpur, Shyamoli and Gabtali of Dhaka. The bus left from Dhaka stopped at New Market in Kolkata.

Visa Processing: India Government offers different period visas for tourists in India. In order to get visa processing, the first thing to do is to collect e-token. E-Token offers visas within three working days of the application. However, the processing and decision of the visa application depends on the Indian High Commission. Address: India High Commission, Lake View, House 12, Road 137, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212.


Required Papers: 

For Visa Visas of India, valid passport, 2 copies of white background, work leave certificate, passport copy of electricity bill, original copy of electricity bill, air ticket and hotel bookings, six month's bank statement, etc.


Every year millions of people come to Kolkata to travel to Kolkata, one of the busiest cities on holiday, business and education tour. The hotels built in old architecture offer a glimpse of the vibrant life style of the city. You can live in a structure designed and designed by the British in the colonial era or you can choose a modern infrastructure. There are local and foreign food recipes.


Calcutta tourists are called 'shopping paradise'. There are many markets in the city. Many of the fashion items available from the essentials are available under the same roof. Calgary New Market, Bigbazaar and CityHourp shopping centers are quite popular.

Know it

Seeing the price of food in Calcutta, the exotic people are amazed. The raw market is not enough, the restaurant does not cost too much. Above all, because of the different levels of food joints in this city, the option is much more.
Car rental in Calcutta is also quite low. Meter taxi stays in Calcutta. Apart from that, the rent of the metro is less than once.
Tourists in our country, especially in shopping, especially in the shopping of sari, kept Calcutta on the list of favorites.

Tourist places: 

The ancient colonial urban red brick building and many monuments of the British Empire are quite significant to Calcutta. Calcutta tradition is quite old with all the famous buildings and stunning old historical temples.

Victoria Memorial: 

Historical site of Victoria Memorial Calcutta, built in the memory of Queen Victoria. The British built it in 1921. There are many symbols of the British in this fabulous museum. Many memories of the whole sub-continent regime were preserved here. There are 25 galleries in the museum. Various antique patterns and artifacts are displayed here.

Howard bridge:

Calcutta has a bridge built on the arch. Historic Howard Bridge is the world's largest iron bridge. The bridge constructed on the Hughli river is also called the Ravi Bridge.

Jorasakkon Thakurbari: 

Rabindranath Tagore's home of Rabindranath Tagore is called Jodasakkon Thakurbari in Calcutta. Rabindranath Tagore's grandfather Dwarkanath Tagore built the house in the 18th century. It is now known as Rabindra Bharati University and the World Kobi Museum.

Park Street: 

This is one of the most important shopping centers in Kolkata. Park Street is also known as Food Street again. In the evening, around 70-80 spots have quite a lot of fun. When the tourists visit here, they meet in the evening. Here you can see Calcutta at night.

Indian Museum: 

One of the world's leading museums in the subcontinent is the Indian Museum of Calcutta. It is one of Asia's largest collections, which the Asiatic Society was built on February 2, 1814. There are many signs of the world here.

Birla Temple: 

The temple of India's noble Birla family is built. In the year 1970, the temple was dedicated to the god Krishna and Radha. Temple building style and calm

Birla Temple: 

The temple of India's noble Birla family is built. In the year 1970, the temple was dedicated to the god Krishna and Radha. The construction and the peaceful atmosphere of the temple is very exciting.

Kalighat Kali Temple: 

This temple of Goddess Kali devotees of Calcutta and thousands of devotees every day, visitors visit the temple.

Marble Palace Mansion: In 1835, the palatial building was built by Raja Rajendramalik. Building style modernism and building built in ancient architectural style. Close to it is a zoo, which is known as Marble Palace Zoo.

Eden Gardens:

 Eden Garden is a huge capacity cricket stadium. It is India's largest and largest 3rd largest stadium in the world.

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