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Top 10 Ways Cox's Bazar Hotel Booking

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Cox's Bazar Hotel Phone Number:

There are many hotels in Cox's Bazar, it is true, and sometimes Cox's Bazar cannot be found in the hotel. Last year, on December 25, at least two thousand tourists visited the beach on the night. So if you can stay sure before booked in the hotel then you will not have to go there in danger. Cox's Bazar hotel number is given to you for your convenience.

Model Seawal operated by Bangladesh Tourism Corporation, Phone-0341-6374

It is a lease once but currently in government management. And seats are available. Do not rotate the seat or send it to another place if it is empty. Room no AC Twin: 1600 / - AC Twin: 2800 / -

Motel Coral (Phone: 0341-6311)
Non AC Twin: 1400 / - AC Twin: 1900 / -

There are lots of seats here too. Vacations such as other hotels in Cox's Bazar cannot be found without having to book beforehand.

Motel Opal (Phone: 0341-64288)
Non AC Twin: 1400 / - AC Twin: 2000 / -

This hotel is about to be broken and new. There are dormitories here. Night stay at only 300 rupees.

Star quality Siegel Hotel (Phone no. 0341-62480-91)

The Hotel C-Galle (five stars) ranges from the lowest of 3 thousand 757 takas to the maximum rent of 9,870 rupees for every night. They have rented regular heel side 3 thousand 757, regular c-side 4 thousand 035, deluxe hillside 9 thousand 592, deluxe 9 thousand 870 and suite room 9 thousand 741. They have discounts on the off-season. These rentals may decrease or increase.

Like other star hotels, here are all the benefits. This is the first star hotel in Cox's Bazar.

Hotel Cox Today: This hotel is a three-star hotel. Room rent twin 10-12 thousand There are no offers in this hotel all year round. You can get room for 6 thousand rupees. This is popular for honeymoon. Phone: Suman- 017555 98440

Hotel C-Palace Phone No-0341-63692, 63792, 63794, 63826

The hotel has earned many suman near the sea. Elite people go here. Housing is provided in two different categories of Hotel C-Palaces (three stars). For those who want to maintain the fame, the Crown Plaza will have a Regular room of 3 thousand rupees, Deluxe room at 4 thousand rupees, Super Deluxe at Tk 4,500 and a suite of 5 thousand taka. Apart from the ECONOMY room, the non-AC at the Western Plaza Tk 1,600 and AC room is priced at Tk 2,000. They also have discounts on Off Season. Room bookings can be done by telephone or by contacting them directly.

Hotel Saiman (0341-63900), one of the most popular hotels and guest houses in the city of Cox's Bazar, is the traditional hotel. Here are rooms available at comparatively low prices. Deluxe rooms here are 1500 to 3 thousand taka. In the off season, there will be one thousand taka.

 Hotel Panoo (0341-63282), this hotel is not too bad. Apart from other hotels such as Here prices are cheap

 Hotel C-Crown (0341-64474, 0341-64795), Hotel Kallol (0341-64748), Hotel Mishuk (Telephone 0341-64320, 0341-68080),

 Hotel Express (0341-63061), Hotel Palace Paradise (017 11 193196), Sugandha Guest House, Diamond Guest House (0341-63642),

 C-Park Guest House (0341-51078), 0341-51045), Un Resort (0341-63181, 0341-63191), Urmi Guest House, Nilay Bay Resort (0341-63677, 0341-64278),

C-Haven Guest House (0341-63787), Hotel Sea Crown (0341-64795, 0341-64474, 01817 089420)
Hotel Media International (0341-6-2881-85 62881-85) The hotel tariffs are almost the same. Below you can understand the room media hotel room below.

Hotel Media International has a minimum rental price of Rs. 960 and a maximum rent of 3,700 rooms. Of these, non-AC Deluxe is 960, Non-AC Deluxe 1,000, Non-AC Deluxe Rs. 1,020, Non-AC Deluxe 1,380 taka, AC Deluxe Tk. 1,380 and Tk. 740, and Suite 3 thousand. 700 rupees The telephone number is 0341-628881 to 62885. Mobile 01819519719 and 01711341164.
Hotel Osan Paradise Ltd. (01938846753)

Some other hotel numbers are shared for your convenience.

Hotel Kallol: 1727613258,

The Grand Hotel, Main Road: 64709, 011-703411

Hotel Diamond Palace- 63642

Hotel Neighborhood: 63873, 66334

Hotel Se Quinn - 63789, 63878

Hotel Holiday Cox's Bazar: 3875

MS Guest House- 63930

Motel Laboni: 64703:
Hotel Golden Star: 6222127, 622146

Hotel Palanki - 63873, 63667.

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