Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Top 10 Ways Sylhet Travel 2018

  Backham Badhon       Wednesday, February 7, 2018

How to go Sylhet

Dhaka from Sylhet. Train rentals cost Rs 300, non-AC bus fares Rs 400-450. Take the ticket before you want to travel by train. Tickets are also available online. You can take 4 tickets with a debit or credit card. Such is the bus. However, a lot of Aesibas will fall.
Where to stay.
There are all quality hotels in Sylhet. Most hotels in Mazarrood

Where to eat?
There are several good restaurants in Sylhet. But da, i'm a little more Know the agar.

What to buy as a souvenir?

If you travel somewhere, there is a part of tourism buying local products. In Sylhet you can buy tea leaves for the first time. Secondhand handcuffs can buy. A bit bitter but good for digestion. The orange pineapple of Sylhet can also eat if you go to the season.


The better it is to run as before any travel. Better to get around with friends. If you have to offer a tour to the company, it does not have its own tension. The reason is that there is a bargain for hotel food car rentals. They are not always the same. The price increases during the crowd. Also, the guide needs to be rotated. Nowadays, these companies charge a service charge, but 10/20 people go together so the cost is not high, there is a lot of happiness and not to worry about security.

Good to know

1. You must take 2/3 of your voter ID card to travel long distances.

2. Take winter clothes. Do not forget to take pretrial jelly or lotions.

3. Take a hat or muffler to avoid fog on the head.

4. If you want to go to Jharna and Bichankandi, take extra clothes.

5. If you have vomiting habits in the car, you will also take medicines and poultry foods such as rituals.

6. Do not waste too much time in a place.

7. Decide in advance wherever you go. If you make decisions at the last moment, it is difficult to get a hotel or a car.

8. There is no reason to think that everything will be like your mind when traveling around. So try to blend yourself with the situation.

9. If there is any problem, do not hesitate and resolve between themselves.

10. Know the details about the area where you will go. And what would be the need to prepare properly and get out of the house.

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