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Top 10 Ways to Travel from ''Niladri'' to Bangladesh

  Backham Badhon       Wednesday, February 7, 2018
Blue-colored '' Niladri ''. It's like being lost in blue kingdom. Yes, I'm talking about Niladri, wondering what is it again? This glorious place is not Kashmir in our country! What are you surprised Do not make the mistake of seeing Kashmir as a picture, everyone knows it as Niladri. Its location is in Tekerghat, Sunamganj. Surrounded by sunamganj, feel free to dive in its beautiful beauty.

Many go to see Tangguar haor in Sunamganj. But there are many beautiful scenic places around it that can be swirled by the tourists' mind! One such place is the abandoned Limerghat limestone Lake. Local people know it as Niladri Lake. The name of it is as beautiful as the image of the beautiful If you do not see in your own eyes, you can not believe that the color of the water is so blue and a mosaic form of nature. The lower part of the hilltop of the hill and the upper part of the hill is the end of Bangladesh. There is a barbed wire fence in the high mountain. This lake was once a collection of limestone reservoir of limestone factory, which is now dissolved.

How to visit Niladri?

Route 1:

Shyamoli / Mamun / Ana from Dhaka and some others live in Sunamganj, read up to anyone, rent will be Tk 550 From Sunamganj, you will have to cross the new bridge and take a motorcycle. If you want, you can take a direct motorcycle reserve from Tekerghat. In this case, the rent can be charged at Tk 300-500 and in the middle of the river Jadukata the river will be charged 5 taka and the motorcycle will be worth 20 taka.

Besides, you can go to Sunamganj for a motor cycle on the average of lauras. Then you can go to Tekerghat on the banks of the Jaduakata River from the Barikka Tila, Tk 120. The motor bike rental mentioned here can be used to refer to the rent of a full bike to a bike. But if you take a ride on the bike before the bunker then do not cheat, they raise the price slightly and see the unfamiliar face.

Route 2:
Mohanaganj Interstate Train Name Haor Express from Netrokona of Dhaka. During the departure of Dhaka from 11:00 pm, the rent was Tk 200, in the morning Mohanaganj reached. There is a 1-hour road from the middle road, the pitch pour road. From there, boat, trawler or speedboat can be easily moved in the rainy season. And directly from Netrokona can be added to the boat / trawler. It is easy to go from Netrokona with winter motorcycle.
At the lowest cost, comfort, easy access to less time.
If someone wants to take their own car, they can take their own car to Madhyangar (Pipara Kanda Ghat), a microbus or car or jeep. The road is very beautiful.
Shortcut road from Dhaka to Netrokona to Teerghat with Barhataha or Mohanganj.

Where do you think?

There are many rest houses and guest houses in Barchara Bazar. There you can stay one night at Tk 200-400. The Bararka market will be seen on the banks of Barikka Tila. If you want to walk from Tekerghat, you will be able to walk in the Barchara Bazar, Metro way. There is also a limestone factory closest to the lake that can stay in its guest house if it is empty.


There are Barrica Tilat food hotels, can also eat in Barrara market or there is a small market in Tekerghat beside the lake. Of course, you know before price.

Some suggestions:

There was a lot of limestone raising from here, which led to Lake deep. It is better not to leave the lake if you do not know about the lake. Do not go too far. Because the border area so be careful. It's good to not be too close to the border.

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