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Top 10 Ways Travel Geneva Lake

  Backham Badhon       Wednesday, February 7, 2018
After Zurich, Geneva is Switzerland's second most populous city and the most populous city in Romady (French-speaking region of Switzerland).

The city's location is located on the Rhone River and Geneva Lake. The capital of the Geneva Republic and Canton of Geneva.

Geneva is called Global City or Global City. Especially the famous international organizations, such as the Central Headquarters of various UN agencies, are located here. Also, headquarters of the International Organization Red Cross is located here.

Seeing the modern part of Geneva beside Lake Geneva, it is not understandable that today's modern-day Geneva City was a historical form. In Geneva, there was a very ancient, medieval, but stagnant square that surrounded the square with ancient architecture, a stone-paved street. A historic center of Geneva, or a historic square - to walk through the medieval lane, walking on an old day's cafe, restaurant, architecture, antique shops, an old masterpiece, a lot of tourists - to see that it can be reached in a spacious square. Whose name is Place du Bourg-de-Four

Local or exotic people present in this square in the evening are reminded of the mood of a vacation. In ancient times, this place was the animal trading hat in Geneva.

Although the different architecture surrounding this square changed over time, the initial character of this square did not change anything - even today, local shopping, market hat or a cup of coffee is the time to spend time in the coffee cup and this is the place to look for people - so to see the real historical aspect of Geneva, We want to come to this square by walking a long way beyond the huge cathedral of Geneva. The historic center of Geneva has just a walking path, so this square is a beautiful and beautiful place in the city center.

And a historical fountain in the center of this square leads to life. Here, you can taste the real Swiss food and Swiss coffee in a small restaurant arranged in a medieval style - actually the real Swiss food in the city of Geneva is almost rare - so this place is really interesting for food travelers. And in the context of the historic Swiss building and rock-bound lagoons, the turning of the lollipop to match the historical architecture. A few slopes and hills in the historic lanes of this city, in the evening, a little early in the evening. And on that pre-evening Geneva historic square of this life, some of our life with some moments, and some ways go harmony together.

Geneva Lake

Geneva Lake is the main event in Geneva. As mentioned earlier, the lake divided the city into two parts. This is probably the second largest lake in Europe. Standing on the side of the will want to say what peace! One eye-catching scene. Standing around the lake, I stood there and thought that if it was kept in Buriganga, Turag, and Shirlakshha, and if its water was kept free from fog, then it would have seemed to have traveled more than our country. The Padma bridge can be made in one and a half years with the revenue generated from it.

There are many arrangements for entertaining guests in Geneva. If you wish, you can move from the small boat to the middle ship through the middle ships. There are hundreds of residential hotels and shopping malls on both sides of Lake. In fact, in the city of Geneva, where I have a house I have 50% residential hotel. Traveling around the lake, shopping mall and locks, you can spend all day on an idyllic journey. You can meet in the lake walk on the lake in the afternoon, with your favorite Bollywood or Hollywood hero.

Especially the favorite heroine of the Bollywood heroine's favorite place or Geneva. As already mentioned, Geneva is one of the most expensive cities in the world. So those who want to shop, their pocket status should be good. However, there are some seniors shops near the lake where there is no need to buy some token gifts. There are many seafood shops in the city, if you wish, you can buy it from there, the price is a little less, but the path is not the path of anybody.

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