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Top 10 Ways Travel to Bhutan

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Bhutan is called beauty city. 

Since Bangladeshis do not get visas to go to Bhutan, many tourists go to Bhutan every year. Many people have asked us to know how to go to Bhutan via Bay Road. Today's arrangement will focus on your questions. I hope many people benefit from this writing.

When I first heard it in my father's face, it seemed as if it was a dream country, but when it came out in front, I saw Bhutan sitting like a decorated beautiful clean picture, with eyes-glowing beauty. It was highlighted how to go to Bhutan by Road.

To get to the dream of Bhutan, you will need a transit visa first. You can take transit visa only from
Gulshan branch of Dhaka. You can find the details of the transit visa at the following link.

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Read the Shyamoli SR bus at night. The bus from Kalyanpur at 9 pm and from Arambagh at 8 pm. You will reach Burimari border within 7-8am. When the immigration office opens at 9am, you will be able to enter India by completing all the immigration related work. When the work of the two borders is completed, you can go to the particular bus.

Now you have to take another bus to India from Bhutan to take place at Mynaguri. The rent will be 30 rupees per person. To get closer to the Bhutan-India border, you will have to go to the Safari car. Then you will have to sit on the auto by paying 7 taka. Auto will drop you to the Jayagao Indian Immigration Office. You can enter Bhutan by applying an exit seal to the immigration office. Keep in mind that no false information can be provided.

There is no problem to cross the Bhutan-India border. Bhutan can go straight to the end of the immigration phase. If you want to eat dawaata you can take it here, it will be better in my opinion. Then you will be able to move to your favorite city as you wish.

Here are the Thimpu, Paru, Pokhara and Punakha Cities to explore.

On the very first day, permit permit from the city of Thimpu to Punakha, no time will be lost.

At the end of the official work, Thimpu had Zoo, Dzhong, Monestry but one place to remember the Buddha Point. It is a beautiful city that is very beautiful. Seeing the mind is filled.

Second day: Journey to Pune. If you leave at 10am, it takes 2-2-30 hours to reach. On the way, Duchala, Punakha Dzhong, and Suspension Bridge spoil the head. The weather is a bit different from other cities but very enjoyable. Someone went to Bhutan, but did not get it, then his Bhutan passenger was imperfect. All day long, it will be good to come back to Thimpu again in the night because there is not a good hotel to stay in Punakhshah. And going to Thimpu to Thimpu, it is a good decision to go to Thimpu.

Third day: Thimphu and Punakha can be visited at the end of the dream of Paro. Hotel Dragon It is probably the owner of the Indian Hotel, probably the owner of Calcutta. So here are all types of Bengali food available. Such as; White rice, potato flour, potato chapati, dried chilli, potato bhista, khasir curry, chicken curry, and vegetables, in one word, eat 16 Bengali people but the price is a little higher.

Now come, in the original words, Paro is Bhutan's most beautiful city, this city has its only international airport. There are many beautiful places on the way coming from Thimpu which are not seen nor seen. One of them is Case Bridge. It's awesome just as fun.

Fourth day: Now you can go to the biggest attraction of Tiger Nest / taksin. Which are the most important aspects of their religious and tourism aspects. Walking three thousand feet will come again. There is no alternative to walking on foot. It may take time to get around 3:30 hours and it takes more than 1 hour to re-run. At the end of the day it will be a fun and memorable thing to remember all your life.


Your cost per person will be 16-17 thousand taka (without shopping).

Good to remember, you could not go to interesting places like Haveli and Bumthang for a short span of time. Haveli, Bumththa roaming will cost a little more.

Everything else will cost less when traveling on public bus without leaving the taxi but it will take longer.

Some noticeable
1. Keep a copy of the photocopy of the passport along with the Indian visa and the passport size photograph.

2. Two-three photocopies of National ID card

3. If the employer is a NOC (No Objection Certificate) and Student ID card two photocopies.

4. Government holidays are very high in Bhutan, so to see the government holiday list, if it is good to plan a trip then it is better.

5. You will not see any mosque or Muslim restaurant anywhere in Bhutan. Bhutanese rice, pulses, vegetables are very interesting. However, if you think you need to, you can take some rituals, chutneys, biscuits from Bangladesh.

6. And yes, another thing, Bhutan is 100 percent smoke-free countries. But open to all. You will not be able to buy any cigarettes anywhere, take cigarettes along with smoking like bad habits. Next time, you can smoke in the smoking zone, hotel or mountain, but if you are caught, there is no talk of cash, a lot of cash is fine. But it is better not to smoke.

7. It is better to take the necessary medicines from Bangladesh.

Thanks for reading Top 10 Ways Travel to Bhutan

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