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Visit The Wonderful Haiti

  Backham Badhon       Saturday, February 24, 2018

Haiti is like a small heaven on the earth. Here the Tarquis waves hit the golden valley. The cloud touches the peak of the mountain. Beautiful forest of dense forest makes him The eye-opener sunset that draws on natural landscapes does not compare with anything else in the world. Want to take rest or want to enjoy the new flavor, Haiti will not disappoint you in anything. Let's know what are the main attractions of Haiti

Sitdale Lepheeria

The position of the fort is on the top of the hill. Throughout the mountains of the mountain, the sky cloud and the ancient fort in it, it creates an impressive atmosphere. The reason for this was to protect the Haiti region from the French aggression. Haiti's signifying fortress of power at that time has now become the attraction of thousands of tourists. At night you will attract the illumination of the fortress differently. This fort tour will also introduce you to history, politics, ancient heritage. Will give great peace of nature.

Basin Blue

The name of Basin Bleu, a waterfall in Hakeyi Jackmel Hill. You will reach Busin Bluay with a unique trail filled with natural scenes. It's a nice day to come Waterfall water has created a small pond. Turquoise blue color is in the pond. Swimming between them, you can do everything you can with your walking. The place is very safe. So you can enjoy all the beauty of it, just as you want.

Cathedral Norte Dame de Cape Haitian

Catholic cathedral is located in Cape Haitians Find it in a nice and quiet place. The Colonial city can turn around and rest here. The small park in front of the church will also give you tranquility. The white walls of the building show the history of many years. The construction style of the Shinjim chancellor church also demands praise. Excellent artwork and overall structure both inside and outside compelled any tourists to stand still.


Labady is a private port. Owner of Royal Caribbean International Cruise Company Look forward to planning a week's tour to come out here. White sand beach, crystal clear water has fascinated this area. All the arrangements to enjoy the sea are here. You can take a rest, walk around, shop for local variety. And there are swimming, diving, paragliding in the blue sea.

The Palace of San Francisco

It was the King Henry Christoph's palace. It is said that he became a slave from the king. With the earthquake of 1842, the palace was destroyed somewhat. The historic building is a collection of ancient beauty and knowledge. It is often compared to the Versailles palace in France. The old stairs of this ancient building will give you an impression on the beginning. Then its huge windows, interior decorations, and gardens in front of the building will introduce you to everything with the king's tastes. There is a fountain in front of the palace. And the statues are standing there to guard the palace.

The heart of Haiti's main attraction The mountains, the waterfalls, everything gave Haiti the perfect natural look. Haiti is full of history to become full The little island has been attracting tourists for years.

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