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Best SEO Monitoring Tools - engine optimization (SEO)

  Backham Badhon       Thursday, March 29, 2018

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Best SEO Monitoring Tools

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

There are many search engines in the world, such as the most famous Google, followed by yahoo, bing etc. If someone wants to learn HTML in Bangla, then he may search Google by typing "HTML Tutorial in Bangla" because he may not know the addresses in a website that has HTML Tutorial in Bengali.

Now let's say you have a website that has HTML tutorial in Bengali. If you search Google by typing "HTML Tutorial", then the first page of Google will be better if the first page of the first page is your site, then you can be sure that the user who is looking for "HTML Tutorial" will definitely go to your site. Even though this site is one of the first to show in Google, but there are many sites, blogs, folks, which have HTML Tutorial in Bengali, the site that was used earlier, some techniques were adopted. These techniques are called Search engine optimization (SEO).

Do you know?

To know SEO you have to have good sense about HTML 4.01, HTML 5 or XHTML. If you do not know them well then read our HTML 4.01, HTML 5 or XHTML tutorials.

Types of cases

Search engine optimization or SEO is mainly of two types -
1.On pages (which are done inside the site such as title tags, content, keywords, etc.)
2. Off page (which is excluded from the site such as blog, forum posting)

Paid search engine optimization

If you search Google, sometimes you have some links on the right or right side of the search result (usually the light gray) (the word that is related to the search). These are paid links, which means Google has to pay for it. These types of optimizations are called Paid SEO.

Organic search engine optimization

Links that are usually displayed on the Serch Result page mean that Google does not highlight with a special color. This type of optimization is called Organic SEO. This is called algorithmic SEO.


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