Friday, March 30, 2018

Buy new hosting?

  Backham Badhon       Friday, March 30, 2018

Buy new hosting?

This tune for those who are thinking of new web hosting. Let's take a look at the details of the new web hosting prior to taking part.

1. The first thing to remember about the things that you need to buy for hosting is to be a good company. Some companies offer very good services and there are some bad situations. Avoid the bad guys. Obviously, you will find it before buying.

2. Server type: You have to decide which type of server you want to take before. Various types of servers such as Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting etc.

3. Server Speed: You will always want your hobby website to be loaded quickly and the Visitor may not be disturbed. You need to overload the free server. So that the website is loaded quickly and the server is not down.

4. Before buying a hosting, try to see the USA server. USA Server offers a little better service.

5. Hosting Space: Space is an important issue. Depending on the space, you can host a host of files on your website. The more space you can buy, the more files you can host.

6. Bandwidth: Suppose you bought a hosting band of 1GB bandwidth. The size of your website's home page is 100KB. If someone visits your website's homepage once, then your 1GB bandwidth will cost 100KB. So if you have more visitors then you will have to buy more bandwidth packages.

7. Operating system: This is also an important issue. Generally, two types of OS servers are available. windows and Linux are used more often. However, Windows Server is more than Linux.

Let's take a look at some trusted hosting packages:

Best Secure Web Hosing ⇨ Namecheap

Mouto Host:
Space: 1GB, Bandwidth Unlimited, Email Unlimited = 10 $
Space: 2GB, Bandwidth Unlimited, Email Unlimited = 15$
Payment: bKash, bank deposit, PayPal, card

Dhaka web host:
Space: 500MB, bandwidth 5GB, email 5 = 10 $
Space: 1GB, bandwidth 20gb, email 10 = 15 $
Payment: bank deposit, bKash, PayPal

Web Host BD:
Space: 500MB, bandwidth 10GB, email 100 = 10 $
Space: 1GB, bandwidth 20GB, Email Unlimited = 15 $
Payment: bank deposit, bKash, paypal

Eicra Hosting:
Space: 500MB, bandwidth 8GB, email 50 = 10 $
Space: 1GB, bandwidth 16GB, email 100 = 15 $
Payment: bank deposit, skrill, 2checkout

Everyone will be good, and please refrain from copy paste.

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