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CMS Wordpress | Profissional Free CMS | Wordpress

CMS Wordpress | Profissional Free

For some good WordPress theme developer no more. More. The online course comes with the foundation.

This course is for general advances. Those who know good HTML CSS, have created templates, know the basics of WordPress, and have developed a WordPress theme, only those who can participate in this course.

Course plan

=> Php Basic (Variable, Array, Loop)
=> WordPress Theme Development Environment
=> Use of King Composer
=> WordPress Advanced Shortcodes
=> Addition of King Composer
=> Codester's Metabox Framework
=> Create various add-ons from psd
=> King Composer Customize various addons
=> Breadcamp Solutions
=> Custom Post and Single Custom Post Template
=> WordPress blogs, search, archives, 404 templates
=> Theme Options, Customizer, Style Editor Development
=> Recovery Plugin Installer
=> 1 click Demo Importer
=> Demo Host Tricks
=> Code Sanitize / Validation
=> Multilanguage Support
=> Documentation
=> Submit to themeforest
=> Common soft reboot problems fix

CMS Wordpress | Profissional Free

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