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E-commerce Website - Information

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E-commerce website

Through the Internet, the trend of Bikini has become very popular in our country. There are just a few clicks on demand online. The product has been exporting at specific times at its own address. Books, clothing, rice-pulse-vegetables, electronic products or any software-can be sold online. And that's e-commerce. And in the e-commerce young entrepreneurs are more interested.

To sell the goods such as a store, e-commerce also has it. An e-commerce site serves as a shop here. So to start e-commerce business, first you have to create a site of merchandise. This report is showing how to create an e-commerce site and launch online. If you can make it yourself, it is good, and if you can not build it then you can keep these steps in mind.

Step 1

Naming and Domain

The first thing to create an e-commerce website is to fix the site name. And see if the domain name is empty. Choosing a nice domain name is important. The name of this organization will be known. If you want to create a site with professionalism, you must choose a new name.

* Choose a domain name that matches your product, service or business.

* The smaller the name can be taken, the better. It will be easy to remember the names of those who see your site.

* Usually domain registration can be between 700 to 950 taka. Domains can be registered for one or two years. Renewal of expiration is required. There are many professional organizations to do this.

* Take control of the domain (control panel) yourself. The domain can not be purchased from the service provider or providers who can not afford the control panel. Trusted domain provider is Namecheap. Of course, to buy the domain through the Bangladeshi organization. If there is a problem, it can be easily communicated.

* You can find out the name or domain that is empty on the Internet, on the website. Take a .com domain

Step 2

Which hosting e-commerce site is useful?

What is needed more for the e-commerce site after the domain is hosting. Hosting is the site that you create, all the data, files and places to keep the necessary stuff, that is, the computer server. Hosting is taken from any local organization. This site has different types of work. Such as: dedicated hosting, shares (virtual), virtual private server (VPS hosting), cloud hosting, etc.

When a computer is fully used as a server, it is called a dedicated server. Dedicated server hosting is dedicated hosting. There are two advantages and disadvantages of dedicated hosting for e-commerce. However, this server's uptime can not be guaranteed. Monthly rent of dedicated server starts from six thousand taka.

When a server shares different sites, then it is shared hosting. Unsolicited for this type of hosting e-commerce site. The server sits on the site of more people (down). Rent of 100 to 1 thousand 500 rupees.

When a dedicated server is divided into several different categories by virtual software, many servers are known as VPS. Each of these works as an independent server. These can be used for e-commerce. But its management is difficult and it is down. The monthly rental of the good VPS server starts from four thousand taka.

When a website is hosted, it is stored on a server. But the site is not limited to a server on cloud hosting. That is, with the help of cloud technology, it can reach the user through a combination of different servers. So the server is not down when more people go to the site at the same time. So the first choice for e-commerce site should be the cloud hosting.

Step 3

Web developers have made e-commerce sites. However, there are several software on the internet, which can be used to create various e-commerce sites. The job will be easy. There are eight good ways in this regard.

1. Open Cart: Open Cart is a free shopping software. Easy-to-use and attractive design can be done with it. Visit website demo: and see Numana. Address:

2. Ukmans: It's good for new entrepreneurs. Can be used easily. With the introduction of software without programming signals or database knowledge, all the benefits of e-commerce will be available. Address:

3. Jane-Cart: Many of the top choices are Zen-Cart, this content management software (CMS). Address:

4. OSCOMARS: Open Source Commerce or OSComers Top Popular Online Store Management Software. Address:

5. Tomato Cart: Tomato Cart is popular among new generation e-commerce CMS. Tomato cart for smartphones and tablet computers has different specimens. Address:

6. Wrestling: Joomla-based popular CMS wordpress. Those who are used by Joomla, they can see this online store management software. Address:

7. Presta Shop: It has been popular in a very short time. Its main features are attractive designs. Address:

8. Magento: This is the most popular among CMS used for e-commerce site. It has a number of exciting features. But the price of the theme and plug-ins is a bit more. Address:

Step 4

First of all security

The security issue is very important for e-commerce. No matter where the site is created, a transparent system will be used. Many people are facing this problem nowadays. So after creating the e-commerce site, keep in mind the security situation. Using WordPress, you can get many plugins. They can be used.

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