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Google Keyword Planner | High CPC 190$

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google keyword planner

The name of the most used search engine in the world is Google, this information may not be new to anyone. This search engine is going to perform numerous surveys in different languages. But there are some words or sentences, which are strange behaviors that are Google!

This strange thing is not a technical error! But Google's programmers have created these just for fun. But there are some occasions or events behind these keywords.

These funny search keywords are the occasion to surprise or delight the users! They have their own clothes. The keywords 'Easter Egg' is called by Google!

Apart from the Easter Egg, there are some interesting and necessary tasks that can be removed from the first page of Google's search. Let's know from British daily The Guardian some of the interesting keywords:

1. Do a barrel roll / z or r twice

One of Google's oldest Easter Eggs By searching 'do a barrel roll' or 'z or r twice', the search results page can be reached 360 degrees before the first place! There is also some interesting reason behind the search results page turnover.

Nintendo's 'Star Fox' game can be easily captured because of the game. The gamer had to rotate the jade or the button twice and 'fox' had to be turned around and around.

2. A long time ago, far away

A very familiar phrase to the Star Wars fans! At the beginning of each Starworld movie, the epic of the constellations of the far east was long ago. Just imagine, your search results in this unlimited space of the Internet would have been like stars!

If that's the job Google will do for you, then enter the sentence above the search box.

3. <blink>

If you search by typing in the search box, the results will be similar to the general search results. There is only a slight difference in this search. Blink is the word but it can be repeated!

4. google in 1998

In 1998, Google saw the face of light in this statue. After this many Google's today's Google Chrome But how was the start of the search engine? If ever such a curiosity arises, then immediately search Google 'google in 1998'. Google will immediately come with you on the Google homepage of 1998!

5. Zerg rush

If you search by typing this word, the results will result in small English 'O' color! And one by one you will have to destroy all your search results. But you can save your valuable search results. Mouse cursor invader and over and over again, you can finish the 'O' forces.

6. atari breakout

Write 'atari breakout' and search Google Image! 'Brick Breaker' is a game of humor that will start immediately. The main goal will be to destroy all the pictures that come in search results!

7. Flip a coin

Suddenly, in a decision to fall into a decision, it was not decided whether it was settled or not. But there is no hand in hand to toss! Do not worry, Google will do this for you. Search by flip a coin and you can overcome the troubles of the search results.

8. Roll a die

Google has been able to solve the problem of chucker like coins. If you lose sixes for any requirement starting from Ludu, then you can appear as a giver for Google.

9. Askew

This keyword will appear on the right side of the search page! Together with search results will be a little thicker.

10. Google's special language

Search through Google in many languages of the world. But apart from these traditional languages, there are many strange languages connected to Google. These are 'hacker google', 'pirate google' or 'cool gun google'. As you type URL in your browser, Google will show up in the search results in the entire English language! And for those who are thinking of scratching their heads, this language is just for the country, keeping them informed, it is a fictional language used by the popular movie Starcraft!

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