Thursday, March 29, 2018

Name Cheap Domain, Hosting 70% Discount |

  Backham Badhon       Thursday, March 29, 2018

Name Cheap Domain, Hosting 70% Discount |

NameCheap 70% Discount S10.50 Only S3.00 

Firstly, let's say that the writing is for Anne people. There are many companies who have domain names. Among them, Godaddy is one of the other. But I personally hug the domain from Namecheap. We went to the site of the Namecheap in the beginning. The domain we want to buy is to see if it is empty. ClickToseOll entered and the domain was empty so write AVAILABLE next to the domain. Click on add to cart and click on

Then a page will appear below.

The cost of the domain is $ 9.69. Check out the coupon code option. Now if we go to google and search for the Go to Registration: Namecheap coupon code then finds the results below.

Clicking on the first link will bring the following page.

After giving the coupon code, the domain price decreased to $ 8.81.

Then click on the standard checkout. Then the following page will come.

On this page, click on "Continue to Option" by name, contact info.
There is nothing to do on this page. Click on Continue to option.
This page will show two options. The first one is the Namecheap default and the next time it is the name of the subscriber. If you want to host the Namecheap on any other server, then here it will be in its address. I do not use the Namecheap hosting. Wherever the hosting is used, the nameserver address Click on Continue Checkout. This page is the page of payment options.
My account was already recharging the money so the $ 40.87 shows. For those who buy using credit cards, the next option will be selected. Click on Proceed to Secure Payment.

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