Friday, March 30, 2018

Tickets To Bangladesh World Cup 2018 Packages

  Backham Badhon       Friday, March 30, 2018

Tickets To Bangladesh World Cup 2018 Packages

World Cup tickets mean gold deer. Bangladesh Football Federation, from FIFA, got the gold deer ie 290 tickets. Who will buy those tickets, today it has announced BFFF Buyers should be BFF's executive committee members, members of BFF member organizations, club officials, sponsoring organizations, officials working in BFF and footballers. One can not apply for more than two tickets. A special six-member committee has been set up for the distribution of tickets to BFFF.

That is, the highest organization of football in Bangladesh has not set up a ticket for ordinary viewers. Regarding not keeping the ticket for ordinary visitors, Bangladesh Football Federation general secretary Abu Naim Sohag said, "FIFA guidelines have been followed. Fifa instructed to distribute among our stakeholders. There was an online ticket for ordinary viewers. '

Tickets have already been exhausted online. Many people from Bangladesh may have got tickets online. Apart from this, it is known that as a volunteer, some Bangladeshi have got the chance to enter the World Cup.

BFF has got tickets for three categories of each match. The cost of the inaugural and final match tickets is the highest. Tickets for the inaugural and final three categories are priced at 550, 390, 220 and 1100, 710 and 455 dollars respectively. The minimum category for the group stage match is 105 USD. BPF will charge 10 percent service charge per ticket.

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