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Travel | Travel Agent

  Backham Badhon       Monday, March 26, 2018

Travel | Travel Agent

If the traveling companion travel bag is not convenient for the train, then the mood may go up. So there is a little extra awareness about this bag.

If you want to buy clothes from the rain or water and save the necessary things, check if the bag is waterproof (waterproof). In this case, you will have to buy a bag of clothes. Comfort or parachute fabrics are quite good. Can buy jeans, Max, linen or leather bag. It is better to take a look at bag chains too. Generally, a thicker chain of chains is more durable. However, New Market salesman Yasin Arafat of Dhaka thinks that any chain of chains can be used for a long time.

When traveling for more days, big trolley bags are better than ordinary travel bags. The popularity of the trolley bag as the travel bag is increasing day by day. Their long handle can be easily rolled through the wheel. So these bags are the first choice. Apart from this, the big bag of shoulder-to-hanging. They can be taken as such as travel bags, as well as occasionally drag them into a hook or put them in the wheel. They are very dear to the young generation as well as fashionable. You can also use shoulder bags for laptops.

Many times travel bags, especially trolley bags, are lost in a short time. The steel wheel is relatively stronger. And the wheels that are connected directly to the bag are more stable. There is also the handle of the bag. Simple travel bag handles are hard cloth or jeans cloth. In that case, it is better to take a look at the celesta. Although the steel handle of the trolley is stronger than the plastic handle is not bad. However, the use of handles requires a little extra alert, or it can be broken only after a few days of use.

The color, size, shape of the bag - the identity of your personality by carrying everything. Many fashion conscious people are a little skeptical about the color of the bag. There are red, black, navy blue, brown, maroon, olive, chocolate-red color bag. So buy a favorite bag according to taste and personality, easily. You can choose according to the bag size and size. Some bags can be made smaller by making it big. If you want to buy such a bag.

Among the general travel bags, Nissan, President, Ikolak, Max, Mac brand are quite flexible. Good polo, Negra, etc. among local brands. These bags will get 500 to 1 thousand takas. Apart from this, fewer bags will get less. Among the trolley bags, Fantasia, Listing, Sprint, President, Max, Mac, Circular brand will get between Tk 800 and Tk 4,000. President's guarantee is two years. And the other trolley bags are guaranteed usually three years. Local brand Polo will get one to one and a half thousand dollars. Besides, a brand bag like Roxy, Polyester, Live. Samson's bag can buy if the budget is high. You will find DCC market in Gulshan or Bashundhara City in Dhaka; The price will be 8 to 30 thousand takas according to the size.

These bags are guaranteed for two years. Apart from the shoulders, Decidonal, Cherry Mountain, Power, Sentinel, Optic Martin, Zebra bags are available in the market. They will get 650 to 2,500 rupees. Get a foreign leather bag in Eastern Plaza, Gulshan DCC Market or Bashundhara City. The local leather bag will be available at New Market or shops beside Aziz Super Market.

Jute bags are also quite strong among the native travel bags. And you can also get out of the bag with a designer bag on the clothes. These bags made from Jamalpur will cost Tk 500 to 700. Jute bags are available between 150 to 350 rupees. Take care of the hobby travel bag properly. In this case, to protect against insects and fungal attacks, you can cover the polythene packet with your packet.

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