Monday, March 26, 2018

Travel Websites 1000+

  Backham Badhon       Monday, March 26, 2018

100+ Travel Sits List

National Information Cell

This is a government website. There are almost all types of national information stored. Apart from tourism, there are about 71 tourist areas in Bangladesh. There are also discussions about what kind of benefits the visitors can enjoy there. To see the page, visit

Tourism Corporation

Tourism dot gob dot bd is a tourist website of various places in Bangladesh. The site has Bengali, English and Japanese versions. All tourist destinations in the country are arranged in the tourism arcu menu. Here's information about the country's renowned hotels, motels, and restaurants. Visit the website

Travel News

The website mainly searches for travel outside the country and country. It can be found at various travel agency addresses, contemporary news of touristic spots, news of hotel or resort, travel and much more. Information about the addresses and contemporary policies of embassies of different countries can also be found here. Visit to see the site.

Bengali Travel

Various features of tourism published in different journals are divided into different categories, according to which they are arranged. As a result, there is a lot of information on the tour. The site features a variety of travel related topics, including descriptions of various sights and locations outside the country, in different categories. To see it, visit

Sundarbans Tours

The site meets the Sundarbans tour information. There are several sections, including Traven Arround, How to go and Gallery. How to go to the Sundarbans, some information is available. The site will be displayed at

Tourism Bichitra

This is a monthly magazine. There is also a web version of this magazine alongside the print version. The entire Bangla website includes tourism industry and tourism-related events, tourism-related news. In addition, detailed information of the various places of the country and outside of the country is highlighted in the form of information. Visit for the site.

'Touristgaid' is a complete travel website. Sort the site in both Bengali and English versions. Visit the website

Green Bangladesh Tours
You can select the location you want from the Popular Tours section of this site with details of the sights of the country and collect the necessary information and pictures. There are also several sections here. Ways to go anywhere in the country and the rent can be found at the address.

Discovery Bangladesh
The site is available in many places, details of travel, details of the hotel, along with a number of information. The site will see the address.

Kuakata Tours
A very useful website for curious people to travel in Kuakata. Here's what the picture is about to enjoy in Kuakata and its surroundings. Detailed information about Kuakata travel can also be found on the website

Travel BD

This website features beautifully illustrated places of Bangladesh in Bengali. There is full package travel tour information here. There is also information about residential hotels, tour operators information, transportation system, packages and tour clubs in various tourist places of the country. To see the site visit

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