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Travelling | Teducara

  Backham Badhon       Sunday, March 25, 2018

Travelling | Teducara

Dighinala is an Upazila of Khagrachari. Dighinalana is one of the biggest waterfalls surrounded by the green hills, in the region of Medicare. The area is inaccessible to drive from Dighinala to the front and to the people of Chappaqua. After that, there is no way to go the other way.

It takes about 4 hours to reach from Dighinala to Teducchari. Depending on the speed of the walk. If you move in the morning, it is easy to return before the evening. This is not a bit annoying at all. The natural beauty of addiction will keep you stuck as much as you walk on the walk. Not only from Dighinala to Taeducra, after the entry of Khagrachari, only the wonders wait. On the side of the eye, the clouds, like the green hills, the blue sky, and the white fog, kept the emotions.

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From here you can buy various types of locally made items. Hand-made products for household work, knit fabrics from local indigenous people can be found. Also, do not forget to taste bamboo stuffing in restaurants here.

How to go

Many buses from Kamalapur, Fakirapul and Sayedabad terminal of Dhaka have left the road directly to Khagrachari. Khagrachori buses are easily available from Chittagong. From Khagrachari to Dighinala local bus to go. You can also hire Chand cars if you want.

Where to stay

Tourism Corporation is in Khagrachari. There are small and big private hotels. In the rent but in the hinges

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