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Vacation Packages Bangladesh 2018

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Vacation Packages

If anyone wants to get the full bliss of the Sundarbans, then he will have to go through this round. You will get access to the forests of the forest and the opportunity to walk through the tiger road.

This trip takes three days. The launch was carried out on the last head of the Sundarbans. The end of the forest where the forest is located, from there the bengasagara, it can not be seen in the eyes or detail. Usually, the Tigers do not have to play, but there is not a lot of luck to see the deer in the open field. Kanchilhi spot on the side, there is Kichikhali beach in the place. In this boat, the boat is turned into small canals.

Fish can be caught with a gourd. Tiger footprints are seen in many cases. All activities, including three days of eating, are on the launch.

Event Details:

Sundarban Special Package (4 nights / 3 days)
Rs.10,500 per person (A / C bus / train)
Rs 9,500 per person (non A / C bus / train)
Group Tours: 10th August 8am - 14th August morning at 6:00 am, 2016
Booking hotline: 01919608152, 018800009090
The last time of booking is 01 October 2016

Tour plan
Night 01: From Dhaka / Gazipur to Khulna, the AC / Non-AC Night Coach / Train is started.

Day 01: Approximately 7:00 am, the journey of the Sundarbans on the very luxurious launch of Khulna. We will stay in our cabin on our launch. After all the passengers got up, our launch journey will begin, the motto of the castle. At 11am we will reach Chadpai Forest Station Inshallah. After completing all the formalities of the forest department, we will reach Harbert at 2:00. After visiting Harbariya well we will reach Katka at around 12pm. We will stay in the night.
Day 2: Kanchikhali -Jamtala -Cooka
In the very early morning, we will visit small canals in small boats to see wildlife and wildlife. After returning to breakfast, we will visit Kanchilah Forest Office, Tiger Point, Jamtala Beach and Watch Tower on foot. Especially we will come out in the Tiger Debe philosophy. We will lunch at 2pm. After lunch, we will again travel in a small canoe in a small boat. After that, we will go to Cuttack Forest Office, Katka, Jamtala Beach and Tiger Hill till sunset, so that we will roam in search of tigers in place. At night we will reach Chadpai Forest Station. This night we will eat here and at night we will be at Chadpai Forest Station.

Day 03: Chadpai Forest Station - Karamjal - Khulna - Dhaka / Gazipur
We will leave Chadpai Forest Station very early in the morning for the purpose of the work. After we visited the farm of Kumarian, we hope that we will come back in the evening and from there we will come back to Khulna. Then after dinner at Khulna, I will return to Dhaka in the night coaches.
I hope we will reach Dhaka within 6am Insha Allah

Visible Places:

2. Kuchiki,
3. Katka,
4 Tiger Point
5. Jamtala beach
6. Zeitulla Watch Tower
7.Kichikhali Kennel Cruise

The package includes:
* Dhaka / Gazipur-Khulna-Dhaka / Gazipur bus or train ticket,
* All food from 1st day to 4th day.
* Tours launch in the Sundarbans.
* Stay in one cabin for 1/2/4.
* Forest fees, permission from the forest department and armed barracks.
* Travel on small canals through small boats.
* A Barbi Q Night
* Pure drinking water.
* Attempt guide service.
* Gov tax.
* Service charge.
Sundarbans Package Excluded:
* Guest video and camera charge.
====== Child Policy ======
0-3 years will not cost any
====== Booking Policy ======
Here you can book in 2 ways.

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