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Woocommerce integration | Amazon | E-Shop etc

  Backham Badhon       Thursday, March 29, 2018

Woocommerce integration | Amazon | E-Shop etc

In the golden era of the e-commerce business, who is going on the path of online trade, all of them are very worried about the first thing about how to create their own e-commerce website. There are products on hand, there are also goggles of all types of logistics. But the business that is online, its primary content should be an e-commerce website.

There are several options you have when building an e-commerce website. A store has come up with solutions to such problems in Bangladesh. Whom we call technically the e-commerce platform Here you can easily create your own e-commerce website in a very short time. Its own domain can be integrated in a quiet way.

Woocommerce is a popular WordPress plugin that works as an e-commerce platform. Where is the difference between Store brought to the country's domestic service? Which is the simplest solution? Which is the right solution for them? You can answer this question yourself. Before answering, let's do the below comparative review. When the decision will be taken to make the decision, then

Store vs. Woocommerce: Website hosting

After buying a website domain, you have to worry about where to host the website? In the website created with Woocommerce, this problem will be solved by itself, with the help of a domain hosting provider company. All the responsibilities of website security and hosting will be managed by itself. Since the hosting service is to be taken from the third party, the cost must be kept in mind. Types of Services There are various types of packages available for e-commerce site hosting with a Woocommerce. Depending on the kind of storage you want, depending on some kind of crystalline, you can take shared hosting or dedicated hosting, for which the cost will be Rs 5,000 - 25,000.

On the other hand, Correa is a hosted platform. With the opening of the store here, it is hosted on Store Server. So there will be no need for additional cost for hosting and bandwidth. Hosting and Bandwidth Story is completely free. Storage depends on how many products and the image you upload. Different packages have different ranges. Apart from this, you can increase the storage as per your requirement.


Store vs. Woocommerce: Website Design Issue
The website's first look at Look and Phillie is the website. First look after then the virtuoso. At first sight, many online buyers are fascinated to see your site. The lingering mind bought it without knowing any of its products. Let's see who has resolved their design issues.

How to Set Storefront with Woocommerce ?:

Woocommerce is a plugin for WordPress There are thousands of such plugins in WordPress. Woocommerce plugin allows you to install your WordPress on freely. But the next thing is complicated. In the freeze, you will get 5 themes, but there are 50 premium paid themes in different theme selling marketplaces, which will cost you at least one rupee ($ 50) - 9,600 rupees ($ 140). From Wordpress's Admin Panel, you can customize the settings of the theme if you want. However, if you want to change something other than setting options, you will need to know your own PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, or be a web developer.

How to Store Storefront with Store ?:

One of the most interesting features of Story is its theme collection. Each theme is built by following the design of mobile responsive and modern e-commerce websites. There are 10 themes already in Storiyar Theme Store, which can be free of cost or between 1500 to 3000 rupees per package. Many people may also want to find a theme that fits with their own brand; Custom made theme is also made according to the demand of the buyer, which can cost between Tk 5,000 and 10,000.

Since Storia is a hosted e-commerce platform, many of them are making e-commerce sites or making them. Many people are using the same theme. One site that does not match the other, so Storia themes have the option of customizing their own choice. If there is any change in leat or major, then contact with the Storia Technical Team, it is also free or at a nominal cost. Like Woocommerce, various parts of the theme (such as Navigation, Header Menu, Footer, Banner, Social Media Settings, Brand Theme Color etc.) can be changed from the Store admin panel without any technical knowledge.


A story theme at a glance

Storrea vs. Woocommerce: Payment gateway and other features integration


Free Woocommerce WordPress Plugin No need to spend to install it. However, to manage online business with Woocommerce you will have to add a lot of Third Party Extensions. Some of these extensions may be available in freebies, and some advanced extensions cost up to $ 5- $ 100. To manage these settings, Checkout Settings, VAT Configuration, Delivery Settings, Product Options, you need to install plugins separately.

Payment gateway plugins can be installed on their own. There are free plugins for Bangladeshi SSLCommerz and bKash as well as international payment gateways. Although this plugin of bKash does not work for Woocommerce

However, you do not have to deal with your business before SSLCommerz and bKash, or have to make an account with them. Then these extensions should be customized with the necessary information.


The Storrea platform has Cart settings, Shipping Method, Tax Rate Rating, Checkout Methods, all these features are integrated. First of all, these facilities will be available in the store. For payment method, anyone can use Storia's own bikash or Storia SSLCommerz gateway. If your own business has a BKash Merchant Account or a custom gateway from SSLCommerz, then it is also possible to configure it. Also, if there is a contract gate agreement with any other bank, it is also possible to integrate into the custom cost at the custom cost.

Storrea vs. Woocommerce: How To Help In Sales

Since Woocommerce is an open source software, there are plenty of third-party extensions for online marketing. From Facebook store app integration to e-mail marketing, all the important tools of store sorting can be found here. However, for medium or large companies, it is often seen that they need integration with external systems. Developing such applications is sometimes a big issue. WooCommerce for SEO is quite effective all over the world as it is built on WordPress. In order to sell in Facebook, there will be a subscription fee to integrate some of the most usable extensions like Product Shipping, Variance, Review and Customer Management.


Storrea has already integrated several apps that are required every day in e-commerce business. Many such apps may have to be purchased with a WooCommerce subscription fee. A list of such apps is given:

Automated News Letter and Email Marketing App
Discount code management
Different Product Reviews
Shipping Method Configuration
Various Product Variations Addition
Facebook Store app integration
Complete Customer Management Solution
Third party app: Live chat integration, Google Analytics Integration
There are also product category levels, product level SEO. Easily set up a meta description, meta title, and meta tags.

Storrea versus Woocommerce: getting your support on time?

Since Woocommerce is a free platform so there is no rule of policy to catch them tied. It is a difficult thing to treat them in any problem. Although there are thousands of forums where you can ask for help but you have to solve your problem manually. But the truth is that, in many of these forums in Woocommerce, many experts are also struggling to find a solution. A technical expert at Store 24/7 is ready to solve any technical problem for you. Most orders of e-commerce business place in Bangladesh, usually at night. Whenever you sit down with your online store, you'll find the Storia Technical Team. This facility is completely free in any paid package. You can also go to the Storia office and visit the merchant and learn about the details in terms of online store management. At any time, any help may be sought at Skype, Phone or Facebook page or Live Chat at the site.

The text has become very big, in fact, to judge the simulations of two systems. It is entirely up to you to decide on the final decision. Different types of businesses have different needs. Resource and different types of people. If you have a familiar developer you know that you can create a website with Woocommerce at a much lower cost. A businessman has to make decisions for his business. But to manage such a technical problem, it may be seen that the main job of the business is to reduce time. So we should move towards the solution without worrying at all. But it can be said that Storrea has more user friendly and technical knowledge than Woocommerce. When you are doing business yourself you can control everything from one place to another.

Below you can tell in your comments that you disagree with any part of the article or you agree.

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