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  Backham Badhon       Thursday, March 29, 2018
With the introduction of a new name and e-cab's steps in terms of E-Commerce Bangladesh, gradually getting started with new entrepreneur RA commerce. The main problem of new entrepreneurs is to create an e-commerce website. Let's take a look at the issues.

1.Choose the name of the domain
2.Buy a domain from a company?
3.What would be good for hosting e-commerce?
4.Create a website in which platform?
5.Work at the website.
6.Website security

If you do not know what the new domain? Then read this Post.

E-commerce website's domain name is preferred

Creating a nice domain name is a very important part for you or your organization. Because through a domain name we get the basic idea about that organization.

Suppose your organization's name is "Walton" but you did not take your name on the name of your domain name Walton, such as that you will be damaged in a lot of sales or sales. Many times the name of that company with the name of the customer or the buyer's product can be searched online by searching the search engine and the dependent domains on its keyword, in which case you will be damned enough.

Follow the tips below to choose a domain name

Long domain names are not so long to remember and visitors should prefer a domain that can easily remember. In this case the domain of 4-10 characters is good.
Choose a name that is not confusing. Suppose you are looking to create a web of mobile, but named in the name of another organization, the domain will be selected as confusing to the customer, so keep an eye on this.

Find .COM domains.
You can use this Domain checker tool to know if your domain is available.
Besides, you can get more detailed help from name after Jahangir Alam Sobhan Bhai's e-commerce business organization named after him.

 Where to buy a domain?

There is a quote "Do not put all your eggs into one basket" so it's a good idea to not get the domain hosting from one e-company. However, if there is a lot of trust, the matter is different. In my opinion, the domain should be taken from a very trusted company. Because if you take the domain provider domain for any reason, it will be difficult to express how much you will lose. Anyway, in my opinion, a Trusted Domain Company is a NameCheap that you can buy from Bangladeshi providers. It is not advisable to take risks for commerce.

Domains usually range from 750 to 1200 taka. The price of the company is different. The domain is taken for one year and is to renew at the end of the year.

It is important to know what is before taking the domain

➧Whether the domain provider gives you full control
➧Whether you are giving EPP code or secret code
➧Whether the additional renewal charge is at the end of the year
➧What additional keys are available with domain?

➧What would be good for hosting e-commerce?

Hosting means that your website's data / images / videos will be stored in virtual storage. For Bangladeshi entrepreneurs, Obviously, they will be able to get hosting from Bangladesh so that they can get fast support. . There are different types of hosting such as:

➧Shared Hosting
➧Cloud Hosting
➧VPS Hosting
➧Dedicated Hosting

For Shared Hosting: E-commerce, I never support Shared Hosting, though Shared Hosting is the lowest price. Why is not Shared Hosting Compatible?

➧Performance is slow when the oversized server is over.
➧The server may be down.
➧The CPU usage limit is limited, if the live visitor becomes more then the site temprary becomes unavailable

Generally, from 50 rupees in Bangladesh to 18000 rupees and hosting is available (Monthly / Yearly) cheap 3rd position is not so cheap and find good hosting. Because 1 minute of site off you will lose a lot of customers.

Cloud Hosting: My first and last choice for e-commerce is cloud hosting. Because cloud hosting does not keep your site inside a server. Your site is hosted at different locations of different locations because of which a server crashes for any reason and immediately starts the site from another server.

Another advantage of this is scalability, where the resources allocated for you automatically during additional traffic will increase. This means that if you suddenly spike traffic on your site, due to which many visitors enter the same time, then due to our cloud infrastructure and load balancing, you will be safe. Your site is not offline. The cloud package does not offer any hosting company, but the minimum price for 1 GB is Tk 400 and the price of 5 GB starts from Rs. 1200 and I have seen the highest Rs. 4 thousand (Monthly)

VPS: VPS means virtual private server. When a lot of servers are created by sharing a computer with a particular software or something else, then each variant is called a VPS. I hope you understand. But it is also down. And it's hard to understand.

However, it can be used for e-commerce. Good VPS server price starts from 4500 rupees.

Dedicated Hosting: When a computer is fully used as a server, it is called dedicated server. And this dedicated server hosting is what we call dedicated hosting. It can be hard to say, but the main thing is that. Dedicated hosting and e-commerce has the disadvantage that this server is not guaranteed to be up time. And the price is very good starting from the price of the dedicated server 7000 (monthly)

So what should you use?
As a hosting for e-commerce, I think the cloud is suitable because

Cost less
High speed server
But the main problem here is that about 80 percent of the cloud hosting provider Rie Cloud offers KVM hosting. So it is better to know from the service provider about Provider's services.

** Suggestions for newbies can be used by using 1GB Cloud at 400 taka without using Unlimited Shared Hosting at 100 - 200 taka. Work faster and get encouragement in work too **

Create a website in which platform?
Domain hosting is your turn to create your website.

The best way to create ecommerce web site is by 6 ways.

1. Woocommerce: This is a wordpress plugin newer can use it very easily. With no coding database knowledge, you can get all the advantages of e-commerce by simply plugging it in. As a result, you can create a site by attracting it through WP.

2. Magento:

Magento is currently the most popular among the CMS used for E-commerce site. This is a free open source CMS. It has been created at the Zend Framework. This CMS includes a variety of useful features for creating e-commerce web sites.

Magentore has many free and premium themes and plugins. If you wish, you can create your e-commerce website with free magenta themes and plugins. If you want, you can create your e-commerce website by purchasing Magento premium themes and plugins from the Marketplace.

Magento website -

3. Jen-Cart:

Top of the popularity in Open Source Store Management System (CMS) that is CMS, is Zen-Cart. Zen-Cart's official website -


One of the top popular online store management software for open source commerce or OScomers is this. Website -

5. Praetor Shop:

It is a free open source CMS. Within a few days of the start of the Pest Shop, it got quite popular. The attraction of the Praesta Shop is its attractive design. That is not to be seen in almost any other CMS. Website -

6. Open Cart:

Open Cart is an easy-to-use and attractive design open source shopping cart software. Website - Demo -

 If you want to easily manage your business then it would be better to use Woocommerce / Open Cart.
You can create a website with WordPress itself, but if you can not do it, then you can take it for professional professionals.
Website security
We all have less interest in this point. If you have not created this site on the platform, try to use its vulnerable securities. Nowadays, the School Puja students can also make DIDS attack site

You can use the CDN service with no hosting you use. Max CDN Premium is better inside. However, you can use CloudFlare.
Use strong passwords
You can use the Site Lock service
If you use WordPress, you can use the WP Security plugin
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Trying to get the new guide line as easy as possible. If you want to know something, feel free to comment. Or you can contact me

Thanks for reading Wordpress Ecommerce Website - Wordpress Online Store

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